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The Affordable Care Act and You


While all of us are debating over Miley’s new image and ogling over the gorgeous apparel on the red carpet at the Emmys, there’s another spectacle being conducted in Washington that’s leaving many Americans in awe of the work that is the government. The “shutdown” in Congress is circulating the media and calling attention to a heated standoff between Republicans and the funding for the Affordable Care Act, formerly known as Obamacare. The deadline for a government budget plan is fast approaching, and the dispute over funding for president Obama’s healthcare plan is becoming more controversial than ever, especially when the stakes of welfare for thousands of Americans are in jeopardy.

But what does this new Affordable Care Act have to do with Conn students, and other college students from around the nation? We’re all so fortunate at Conn to have different options for insurance coverage, not to mention so many fabulous health services for students and faculty (shout out to ladies and gents working at the Student Health Center!). But for those of us who opted out Conn’s insurance coverage, we might be seeing a few changes ahead should Congress not go into a shutdown, and pass the bill.

According to the White House, students under the age of 26, as of January 2012, are able to stay under their parents’ coverage regardless of their marital status. What’s exciting about the ACA is that young adults will now have to option to work with the state on an insurance exchange (setting up an affordable program). The only setback for Conn students going this route is that there are only some services covered in their home state, so they might have to travel back home under a serious illness. This, of course, can be avoided by either sticking with Conn’s plan or going with a separate private insurer.

Those who are employed, or are soon to be, might find a few setbacks. Employers from around the nation are claiming that the ACA is forcing them to cut back hours for their employees because they can’t afford to cover their insurances. But don’t be too frightened Camels, according to a recent survey 90% of companies reported that they won’t be cutting out hours because of Obamacare. The government in also creating affordable packages for small companies that can lead to tax deductions.

If there’s anything to take away from this madness, it’s that there are a lot of changes in the healthcare industry that are about to take place. Talk to your parents about the best options, the Student Health Services, or your employer. No matter what happens this week regarding the humungous debate in Washington right now, take time to look at all the options coming your way and keep your finger on the pulse of Congress. We’re living in an interesting time in history and while we all have the stress of college life surrounding us, it is crucial to stay informed. We recommend this informative and unbiased video that walks you through the ins and outs of Obamacare.


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