What International Women's Day Means to Columbia Chicago's Her Campus Writers

The most iconic holiday was this past week, but we're still on a high from all the girl power we're surrounded by. International Women's Day was a time to appreciate all our friends, family and role models that continue to show us what it means to be a girl boss. Here at Columbia College Chicago, we take pride in being a part of the female led group that is Her Campus. Our writers are some of those fierce women and we celebrated by reflecting on what the day means to us.


"International Women’s Day means we embrace the fact that women are powerful and we are here to make the world shake at its core." -Melanie Medrano

"International Women’s day means we acknowledge all the struggles and sacrifices women make everyday and still come out strong." -Kendell Ryan

"International Women’s Day to me means we all come together to celebrate powerful women and to acknowledge the achievements we made and still will make over the years." -Ashley Johnson

"International Women's Day means we celebrate the amazing achievements women have made and acknowledge the hardships they fought to get there." -Abigail Davidson

“International Women’s Day means girls supporting girls, so that we can all chase our dreams with endless support behind them.” -Ally Stegman


To our Her Campus readers: Keep shining and thriving like the powerful woman you're meant to be. Together we can change the world.