Taking Your Streetwear With You From Day to Night

Streetwear has become the hottest trend since celebrities started rocking casual outfits with high-end sneakers or dressing down a pair of designer dress pants. Many elements go into creating a whole look in this style, so if you’re always busy and on-the-go like me, making the most of each piece is crucial so you can take the fit from day to night. In whatever you have planned, whether it’s going to class or work or meetings friends for happy hour, implement special pieces into your wardrobe so you can do it all and look great while doing it.

When taking part in night-life activities, a nice blazer always makes a statement. And, yes, you can even pair it with your black biker shorts while the sun is out by closing it up with a chunky belt around your waist. This allows the shorts to still peak out through the bottom so the top says you’re a boss babe, while the bottom says you’re fun and down to hang all night.

Photo Courtesy Haite Instinct

This hot pink blazer I’m wearing from Express is one of my favorites as it instantly gets people attention. Paired with all black underneath, it’s an easy layer to take on and off depending on the time and setting.

Photo Courtesy: Ally Stegman

When going out on the town, you’ll see almost every girl limping around in 5-inch heels that they’re regretting putting on. Give yourself elevation in something more comfortable that you were already planning on wearing during the day: chunky sneakers. This time, wear ones with color blocking or animal print to add dynamic and dress it up.

I am obsessed with these printed Steve Madden sneakers. They are $100 and a whole look in itself.

Photo Courtesy: Steve Madden

Oversized sweatshirts give you the major advantage of putting anything underneath without it being shown. So, the days you have to go straight to a party afterwards, wear your cutest top (whether it’s a lace bodysuit or satin button-up) in preparation to take the sweatshirt off and be ready to walk through the door as a whole new and improved person.

There's so many cool hoodies out there, designer or not, that perfectly contrast leather pants. You'll look badass and full of edge going about your day, not to mention leather is the latest hot obsession to wear when going out. When you're ready to reveal what's underneath, tie the sweatshirt around your bag, giving it an unexpected accesory and not having to carry the garment in your hand while you're just trying to dance the night away.

Photo Courtesy ​Pinterest

Another cover-up trick is wearing jeans over fishnets. This steamy undergarment spices up any pair of pants as it peaks through the waist, leg holes or at the ankles. The best part? Tie or tuck in an extra long t-shirt, so when you're ready to take the outfit up a notch, let the shirt loose and take the pants off, leaving you with a casual dress and hot legs.

Photo Courtesy The Trend Spotter

Another t-shirt-turned-dress look is by putting a high necklined shirt underneath a satin cami dress. The tee can easily come off at anytime to leave a flirty and revealing slip. It takes you from a girls day at the mall to date night with your man.

Photo Courtesy Cosmopolitan

Use these tips to dress for your social lifestyle and rock the streets no matter where you are!