Mother's Day Gift Guide for Gifts That Aren't Like the Rest

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to give the person that has given us everything in life. It’s difficult sometimes to come up with something different year after year, but here’s some unique ideas that come straight from the heart that she will cherish forever.

  1. 1. Scavenger Hunt

    If you have the whole day blocked out and dedicated to spending it with your family, this could be the most epic Mother’s Day you put on. I did this a couple years ago and my mom still brings it up to this day about how fun it was for her.

    Start by giving her breakfast in bed. On the tray of all her favorite food, set a slip of paper hinting her to her first location. At each place she goes, the next clue will be there for her next destination. Be clever with your words, but still make it obvious so she knows where to go. Here is a list of places you can send her:

    -Her favorite store ~ buy a gift card ahead of time and give to the workers so she’s surprised to find out her purchase is on you

    -Coffee shop ~ meet her for a cup of joe to bond and catch up

    -Flower shop ~ find a pretty bouquet the day before that she can pick up mid-scavenger hunt to put a smile on her face

    -Restaurant ~ the final destination can be a dinner outing with the whole family and/or friends to hear all about her adventures

  2. 2. Spa Day Basket

    If your mom is a boss lady like mine, she needs time to treat herself but stays busy taking care of other things. Give her a collection of products to use for a spa day right in your own home. Bubble bath, nail polish, face masks, lotion and a bottle of wine are just some of the essentials for this kit. Put it all together in a cute package with colored wrapping paper and ribbon and let her spoil herself like she deserves.

  3. 3. A Night at the Theatre

    Get tickets to a new movie or show coming in your area and go out on a mother-daughter date! There’s nothing better than getting dressed up with your girlfriends and she’ll love the quality time together. Grab a bite to eat beforehand then enjoy the show.

  4. 4. College Merch

    For many people, our moms are our biggest supporters and one of the biggest reasons we’re at the school we want to be at. Thank her for everything she has done to get you there by gifting her something with your university’s name on it. Whether that’s a t-shirt, crewneck or bag, she’ll wear it with the most pride because she’s just as thankful for your hard work.

  5. 5. Beauty Box

    If you’re away at college or anywhere else that doesn’t allow you to see your mom on her holiday, send her a personalized beauty box that will still excite her as she gets it right at her doorstep. Filled with products she can use and pamper herself with and tell you all about, it’s the perfect way to show her some love without being there.

    Check out brands like The Confetti Post, Birchbox and Cloth & Paper to find the perfect box for your mom!

  6. 6. Local Boutique

    If you’re struggling to find something and it’s getting close to the day, shop at a local boutique near you for a gift. Boutiques with only one location always have the neatest items that can’t be found anywhere else. You’re sure to find exclusive accessories, jewelry or home decor that you can hand pick as something that reminds you of your mom.