If An NBA Player Invites You to His Hotel, It's Not a Hangout With the Whole Team

It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’m getting in an Uber to go home, where I have to be up at 6 a.m. to get ready to work all day. Flashback to 10 hours earlier, if you’d asked me what I was doing that night, a famous basketball player was not even a thought on the agenda.

Granted, like the headline says, a 3:30 a.m. text from any guy normally doesn’t mean you’re going to sit on a couch and talk about life with him. But for being a night out with the boys before a game against the Bulls, I expected a little more.

With a newly-done full face of makeup, I couldn’t waste it on a Saturday night staying in. My friend and I decided last minute to go to a club “just for like an hour and a half,” to quote our infamous last words.

The place wasn’t too packed when we got there around 11:30, so we got a drink and stood by a wall, awkwardly talking and dancing as it was just the two of us and such a last minute decision to come.

A table full of tall men receiving special treatment from the waitresses and security caught our attention, but mainly because they were all attractive and one resembled Tristan Thompson. He looked so much like him that he actually pulled off wearing an all-black tracksuit and hat at the club. Jokingly referring to him as Tristan, I told my friend that he must have a girlfriend, though, considering he never took his face out of his phone.

It was no joke, though.

Sooner than later, one of them surprisingly walked over and grabbed my hand to bring us to the table. No other girls had been up there or talking to them, so I figured they’d want to have a couple drinks and see what we were up to. Before we could introduce ourselves, he poured everyone a shot of Tequila and we all cheersed. I quickly drank it and grabbed a lime before I could spit it out. While he put his full name (which we’re going to refer to as “Marcus”) and number in my phone, my friend whispered in my ear behind me, “Wait, I actually think that’s Tristan Thompson.” I looked over Marcus’s shoulder at the guy sitting on the bench and noticed a ‘T’ on his tracksuit jacket. Still looking down at his phone, I could then give him credit for why he wasn’t looking up at the club . . .

I instantly, but secretively, looked up the name that he put into my phone, and the first thing that came up was a picture of Marcus playing in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. I then knew we had it in with the team when they gave the security guard a nod of approval that we could stay at their table. However, now knowing their status, I figured they had many other places to be and people to see throughout the night. Since I assumed it wasn’t going to last long, I tried taking it all in for the time being.

As the group of guys started to leave to go to another club, Marcus hugged me goodbye, adding that we should meet up later. The Tequila started to hit me then. It also started to hit me that “later” probably meant once they are done going out and get back to wherever they’re staying at.

I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much because let’s be honest: This guy most likely has many other girls’ numbers that live in Chicago, not to mention he also has to play a basketball game in less than 24 hours. But if I was actually going to see one or all of them later, I couldn’t let my phone die, which I mostly used as an excuse to go home and freshen up. Not that a guy’s title means anything, but I probably would not go out of my way like this for someone who hasn’t dated multiple supermodels.

Sure enough, after I had gone home, waited so long that I got ready for bed instead, and put my head on my pillow, I got a text from Marcus: “Come to the hotel.” I purposely asked if my friend could come too, insinuating that he would have other teammates there with him.

4 a.m. rolls by and me and my friend pull up to Four Seasons Hotel in an Uber. We really showed up just in hopes to have a kick back with some of the players and see what they were all about.

After being escorted up to the 47th floor and the exact room by the bellhop, I anxiously knocked on the double white doors. Marcus let us in to his dark room, where a movie was playing quietly and no teammates were in sight. I wasn’t surprised at all, however a conversation with Khloe’s baby daddy would have been cool to have.

The most confusing part of this whole night was if he was aware that we knew exactly who he was. While we were trying to get to know each other better, he kept his answers short and held back, which made for very awkward conversation. Once we finally got to the point of why he invited us there, my friend and I had to quickly figure out how we were going to go about it.

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Marcus played great the next day and helped lead the Cavs to a win, but the previous night didn’t have the same turnout.

Let’s just say he tried to shoot his shot for a three-pointer, but missed.