The Great Impact Celebrities have on Voting

Celebrities have been influencing people’s everyday lives ever since Coco Chanel designed pants for women. With the internet’s evolution since then, the choices we make on what to wear, what to eat and what to buy come much easier to us as most of them are based around posts we see from our favorite influencers. On Instagram in particular, they’re most commonly known for getting people’s attention when it comes to materialistic items. Whether it’s sponsored by a company or just their personal interest, sales are proven to go up for a product when people see a public figure are into it. Recently, however, celebrities have been blowing up feeds about a much less materialistic matter. The midterm elections held across the country on November 6 was one of the most anticipated election days this generation has ever seen, thanks to the million-follower based A-listers.

From Kerry Washington to Nick Jonas to Rihanna to Gigi Hadid, they, along with others like them, used their platform to encourage people to vote on what they stand for. Any celebrity that didn’t raise their voice was the outcast in this situation.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Washington’s Instagram

Leading up to the voting day, multiple videos and pictures were shared about why you should vote, and just as importantly, how you can vote. A common reason citizens don’t partake in the event is due to the fact that the registration process is too “complicated.” Many people also didn’t know when the deadline is to register in the state they live in. Luckily, these celebrities took it upon themselves, knowing thousands upon thousands of people would view it, to inform the public on these crucial cut-off dates. Links were also embedded in Instagram stories and captions so viewers were just one “swipe up” or click away from being on the site they needed to become an official voter.

Although the exact numbers haven’t been calculated yet, it was evident that the number of voters skyrocketed from previous midterm elections. Especially for not being a presidential year, the turnout was impressive. The New York Times is estimating that 114 million ballots were submitted, whereas 83 million were in 2014, another non-presidential year. You could conclude the great shift in numbers is due to the growing controversy President Donald Trump continues to arouse in the country. But, it is clear that celebrities didn’t use their voices then like they did this year. More people were tuned into how and why to vote than ever before and we can’t let the people in charge of that change go unnoticed.

Photo courtesy of Politico

At this year’s American Music Awards held on October 9, Taylor Swift used her Artist of the Year acceptance speech for something different and encouraged fans to go out and vote. After her televised speech and a similar Instagram post the previous day, registered voters had gone up to 65,000 in just 24 hours, according to Kamarie Guthrie, director of communications for To compare, 190,178 new people were registered to vote in the entire month of September, averaging just 6,339 new people a day. Swift proved that the reason she won Artist of the Year was because people voted, and that’s the only way other important decisions will be made through the midterm elections.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo

One of the most epic pictures shared on the day of the election was of Demi Lovato at the polls. Lovato had an overdose scare on July 24. She had been in rehab and not active on any social media at all since then. But when it came to November 6, she made sure not to miss the important day. The politically inclined and passionate singer showed just how important it was to vote. “I am so grateful to be home in time to vote!” Lovato wrote in her caption. No matter what someone is personally suffering with at that time, one’s vote can help change what thousands of people are suffering with all around the world from an issue that was discussed on the ballot.

Photo courtesy of Demi Lovato’s Instagram

The midterm elections were just the beginning for people to stand for what they believe in and use their voice to make a difference. As change continues to have the need to be made, it’s in our country’s best interest that celebrities use their power to educate us on what’s next, because in the end, they are living in this evolving country just like you and me.