The Best Magazine Covers of 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, so does a year of numerous editions of magazines that are nothing short of innovative, inspirational, bold and stunning. The cover is the first page people see which determines if it’ll catch a reader’s attention. Celebrities did big things this year which called for many epic and unforgettable covers. As weariness continues of the survival of print publications in today’s world, it’s important to recognize the work magazines are still doing. Here are a handful of eye-catching covers and the stories behind them that give us hope that print isn’t dead - yet.

1. British Vogue: Rihanna

Photo courtesy of Vogue

As you know, fall is the best time of year for fashion magazines, especially Vogue’s September 400-page edition. Who better to represent this iconic time of style than the one and only Rihanna. Wearing a Prada tulle dress and bright Prada gloves, she experiments with flowers in her hair and extremely thin eyebrows. The star is so powerful that behind the drastic beauty changes, she still makes a stunning statement without losing a touch of Rihanna.

2. Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: Yara Shahidi

Photo courtesy of The Fashionista Stories

At just 18 years old, the actress and activist shines on the Harper's Bazaar cover in the Chanel Spring 2018 Couture collection. In this issue, Yara Shahidi so graciously captures her confidence of being multicultural and speaks out for multiple types of equality. The combination of her bold hair and eyes with the elegant outfits will have you never wanting to stop flipping through the pages.

3. Paper: Lindsay Lohan

Photo courtesy of Too Fab

Snow White, who? At first glance, or even second and third glance, people might not recognize the star who’s making a comeback. Lindsay Lohan’s fair skin, plump red lips, and deep-cut Saint Laurent dress make for the perfect current-day princess you didn’t know you needed. Check out the rest of this shoot for how she also embodied Cinderella, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty.

4. GQ: Serena Williams

Photo courtesy of Page Six

Despite the controversy surrounding this cover, Serena Williams always comes out on top. After being compared to a man her whole athletic career, readers were upset when they saw that “Woman” was in quotation marks. It was argued that Virgil Abloh, who helped design the page, used quotation marks just because it’s his signature style. All gender aside, Williams can be considered a Person of the Year. She’s a role model to girls everywhere as she knows how to stand tall, as seen in the picture, after having certain feminine outfits banned from the court. Williams makes a powerful statement in this black leotard, all while looking fabulous and fierce. The tennis player continues to defy odds, as if winning the Australian Open while carrying a baby wasn’t enough, and she does it wherever she wants, whenever she wants and wearing whatever she wants.

5. Wonderland: Miley Cyrus

Photo courtesy of Wonderland

Whatever party Miley Cyrus is at in this magazine shoot, we want to be there. With a glass of wine in hand and a gazing stare into the camera, the singer gives off a perfect combination of fun and flirty. The vibrant shades of color have us wanting to live our lives through an all-pink tint lense from now on. Wonderland once again turned a beautiful photo into an artistic creation that really turns heads.

6. Vogue: Beyonce

Photo courtesy of Vogue

We all know and love the glitz and the glam that Beyonce brings to her performances. However, Vogue brought out a different side to the icon, recently after giving birth to twins. The singer embodies her more natural and down-to-earth self, all while wearing a Gucci dress and Rebel Rebel headdress nonetheless. In this issue, she spoke out about accepting her transformed body, her ancestry, and upcoming career opportunities.

7. The Sunday Times Style: Hana Jirickova

Photo courtesy of Fashionotography

Thanks to the photographer of this cover, Marcus Ohlsson, the Czech model is captured in an impeccable way. From what looks like both a chic clear hood and a big splash of water over her face, every element of the picture is sharp and intricate. Hana Jirickova’s icy blue eye makeup is the detail that makes readers stop and stare.

8. W: Tiffany Haddish

Photo courtesy of W Magazine

Here’s one of the few times we’ve seen Tiffany Haddish not laughing or making other people laugh. The comedian poses in a bold red dress, proving she’s here to talk important issues too. “Our skin loves to shine, and red brings out the shine,” she says to W.

9. Vogue Arabia: Naomi Campbell

Photo courtesy of Superselected

The legendary supermodel is not going anywhere. Naomi Campbell has traveled the world, not only for her career on the runway but taking part in philanthropic endeavors too. The all-animal print look represents just how adventurous she is and that she can still walk the walk.

10. Paper: Christina Aguilera

Photo courtesy of Glamour

If you can make a statement on a magazine cover with nothing but a bare face, you’re doing something right. So much passion and so many words are bursting out of the page from just this one shot, you’ll want to open it and read more about the singer’s transformation.