The Pressures Around Summer Plans

“So, what are you doing this summer?”

This is a question that produces an unreasonable amount of fear for the average college student beginning March (and April and May), especially if you are not sure what you are doing yet, or you think your plans may be deemed inadequate.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that ultimately it really doesn’t matter. Sure everyone wishes they could get a fulfilling paid internship in their desired field, but most likely you aren’t going to be able to check off all four requirements. You might work in your desired field, but it might be unpaid, and you might just be getting coffee. Or, you need to make money this summer to fund your education or some more fun habits you’ve picked up through college, so you take a job at your local Starbucks. Or, you are planning on double majoring AND going abroad so you take a couple classes at your community college. Whatever your situation is, even taking a three-month “real” break, is OK.

Personally, I was worrying a lot about the summer mostly because I felt the pressure of society, friends, family, and myself. You know, typical #collegestudentlife. I thought that if I did not choose what industry I wanted to work in for the rest of my life and get an internship in said industry I would never succeed in life, even though I’m just a freshman. This fear seems unreasonable, and I hope it is, but it is something all of us are feeling. While we may know this fear isn’t completely based in reality, it is still there. And, even though this article cannot totally alleviate the stress, I hope college students can build solidarity around this feeling instead of the crazy competition that especially exists at schools like Barnumbia.