How to Properly Pamper Yourself in College

Let’s be honest—if college is anything (besides a learning institution), it’s expensive and time-consuming. Between paying for huge things like tuition and multiple small things like laundry, we’re left turning our wallets inside out for cash. How, then, can we possibly unwind when we need the money we have for necessities? In addition, it’s not easy to find time to get a facial when you have three papers due. Fortunately, there are various inexpensive and quick ways to make yourself feel like a queen while in college.

Hitting the gym

The Barnard gym and Dodge are right on campus (and free!). If you take advantage of that, you can work out whenever you have time for however long you want. Only have 20 minutes? That’s enough time to raise your heart rate on the treadmills.


If you’re obsessed with skincare (like me), you know how relaxing it is to take care of your skin. Skin treatments can require a lot of time and money, though, especially for something like a facial from a spa. Instead of doing this, you can treat yourself at home with face masks that cost a few dollars at Duane Reade. With the magic of the Internet, you can even make your own with ingredients you might already have. Face masks are a quick and inexpensive way to glow up your skincare routine and allow you to relax. If you really have to, you can even do something else while the face mask is on.

Hair and nails

If you can afford it, going to a salon to glam up your hair and nails can definitely make you feel like a queen. If you don’t have the money or time for a salon, you can easily pamper yourself in your dorm with a hair mask and doing your nails yourself. Like face masks, hair masks are generally inexpensive (can also be found at Duane Reade) and don’t take up too much time to do. The same goes for nail polish, and if you feel like going a little crazy you can try your hand at some artsy designs. Then, you can write that paper while looking at your glammed up nails!


Speaking of things to do with a face mask on, you can multitask your skincare by watching Netflix, cable or Hulu. It’s very easy to get caught up in a show and not realize a few hours have passed by, but if you pace yourself then watching TV is a great way to unwind. With all the stress of college, it can be hard to keep up with your favorite show; however, you can probably set aside 20 to 30 minutes every few days or once a week to watch it. There is a great student bundle deal with Spotify, Hulu and now Showtime where you can get all three for $4.99 a month.


Speaking of Spotify, music is an amazing way to unwind. You can go for the aforementioned deal to get unlimited Spotify without advertisements. Listening to music is something that can be done while doing simple things like running to the supermarket, so take advantage of that!

Food and drink

If you really love the fries from that diner down the block or a latte from Starbucks, splurge on food every once and awhile. Buying yourself a fancy coffee once a week can be enough to relax you and add something nice to your day.

With all of this being said, take care of yourself in one way or another. With the everyday stresses that college brings, it can be easy to think that self-care isn’t worth it. It most definitely is, and now you know how to make sure you get some into your routine!