How to Dress for the Cold Without Looking Like a Marshmallow

I personally love the winter, but I hate how much it can mess with my style. How can I show off my outfit of the day when I have to cover it up with a winter coat as long as a wedding gown? Then, there’s the scarves and gloves that can make me unrecognizable. If you find that you have a similar problem, read on to see how to avoid it!

Layers do wonders

I find that using layers is my go-to in order to avoid ruining my outfit. You can layer with cardigans, sweaters and a loose-fitted jacket. This way, you can add to your outfit without making it too bulky or covering it up too much.

Collect some fashionable scarves and gloves

Although thick scarves and gloves can look bulky, thinner ones can really add something to your outfit. Having both of various patterns and colors will allow you to stay warm while walking to class.

Invest in chic coats

Unfashionable heavy coats can make you look like a marshmallow, especially if you’re short like I am. There are, however, fashionable coats that are also warm. Although they can be expensive, you can find a great deal on one at department stores such as TJMaxx and Burlington Coat Factory. There are so many styles to choose from: there’s pea coats, trench coats, overcoats and more with a variety of designs like belts, collars, buttons and zippers. A good, cute coat is also a good investment to make because you’ll be able to use it for each winter season.

Undershirts and tights are your invisible best friends

Undershirts and tights can both easily be worn under multiple garments, such as dresses and pants. Since they go underneath clothing, they don’t necessarily have to be visible. If they are, you can easily match them to your outfit.

Bundle smarter, not harder

The tags of outerwear meant for very cold weather often say what temperatures in which they can keep you warm. If you live someplace where the winters can get very cold (such as NYC), you’ll want to look for coats that advertise being able to keep you warm in very low temperatures. If the jacket doesn’t mention it at all, then it might not be that warm—some materials may feel heavy but not actually be warm. In that case, you could end up bulky without even feeling warm.

Boots for days

One of my favorite things about fall is that it’s an entire season dedicated to various fashionable boots. No matter your tastes, you can definitely find a pair to match your style—there are low ones like booties, knee-high ones and thigh-high ones that all come in various colors and materials. You can often even wear thick socks underneath without having them show or feeling uncomfortable at all. Plus, the socks are often super cute! You can check out some of these.