The Harry Styles Songs for Every Mood

Believe it or not, Harry Styles is just like us. He’s had his ups and downs, gone through heartbreak, and dealt with loss. It might be shocking to believe that someone as amazing as him goes through the same emotions that us regular college students do, but he does. Alas, his songs are about the things he’s gone through that we can relate to. And, if I do say so myself, he expresses his emotions in an amazing fashion with the voice of an angel. Read on for his songs that will definitely correspond to each of your moods.


Heartbreak: Falling; Cherry; To Be So Lonely; Fine Line; Meet Me in the Hallway; From the Dining Table; Two Ghosts

Did the guy you just finally told your friends about decide to ghost you? Broke up with your girlfriend of two years? Harry gets it. You might want to sit down for these songs because they’re very raw, but at least one of them is bound to get you right in your feels. I would say this is especially true of “Falling.”

Having a Crush: Golden; Sunflower, Vol. 6; Canyon Moon; She; Only Angel; Carolina; Kiwi; Woman

Is there a guy in your Spanish class you’ve been daydreaming about? A girl whose DMs you’re dying to slide into? These songs will have you feeling dreamy and fired up about that special someone on your mind.


In Love: Watermelon Sugar; Adore You; Sweet Creature

If you’re head over heels, these are the perfect songs for you. Especially “Adore You,” these songs encapsulate what it’s like to be in love in a relationship. There’s nothing like that over-the-moon feeling when you just adore someone, and Harry gets it.


Happy or Need a Pick-Me-Up: Lights Up; Treat People With Kindness

We all need a pick-me-up sometimes and these songs are perfect for that, reminding you that the world is good and humanity isn’t so bad after all. Harry’s motto is to “treat people with kindness,” and these songs reflect what it’s like to do just that. As young college students most of us are still trying to find ourselves, and Harry is, too. In these songs, he reflects on finding yourself in this world and how being a kind person can change everything.


Loss: Sign of the Times; Ever Since New York

If you’re struggling with any kind of loss, these songs convey what it feels like to not know what’s coming next and be losing hope. Although these songs are pretty sad and don’t sound very hopeful, in his own way Harry does convey that there is always hope for the future.


I have been a Harry stan for many years, and I hope that after going through these songs you will be, too. What’s better than amazing songs that perfectly encapsulate how you’re feeling? Harry is more relatable than you’d think. I hope these songs get you in your feels and help you to feel like someone gets you.