Fun & Inexpensive Ways to Get Your Christmas Cheer On

If you’re like me, since November 1st you’ve been counting down the days until Christmas. The more the leaves fall and the colder it gets, the more I’m reminded of my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong; Thanksgiving is great, but nothing is more exciting than Christmas. If you love the holidays as much as I do, here are some fun and inexpensive ways to get pumped for Christmas!


What I love most about the Christmas season is how it encourages people to help those in need. There are many amazing organizations that take advantage of people’s tendency to give during the holiday season by accepting donations for those who need it most. Since the Christmas season is primarily a season of giving and love, I encourage you to spread it in this way if you are able. Here is a list of Christmas charities for children.

Friends and family

Christmas is an amazing opportunity to spend valuable time with friends and family and truly appreciate them. For me, there is no better feeling than seeing the joy in a loved one’s eyes as they open my gift to them; it’s priceless. When school gets stressful with finals season, I look forward to coming home for winter break to be with my loved ones and celebrate this holiday with them. Seeing friends and family brings so much joy to the Christmas season, and the best part is, it’s completely free.


I personally love decorating; I feel that it just makes the room more fun and helps cheer me up on my glum days. How can you feel sad when you’re looking at a little Christmas tree atop your desk? It’s just not possible. There are endless opportunities for decorating even the smallest of college dorms, from mini Christmas trees to string lights to a wreath to hang on the door. I was able to find many such decorations in the Bullseye’s Playground section of Target, where everything is just a few dollars. From there, I stocked up on some mini Christmas trees for my desk and a “Fa La La La” Christmas llama banner.

HomeGoods also has some great decorations, although they aren’t as inexpensive. If you’re willing to spend around fifteen dollars, you can find some cute snow globes and bigger Christmas tree decorations. If you’re willing to go even higher, they have Christmas bedding so that your dorm can really say, “Christmas is coming!”

Dressing for the season

If you’re into Christmas PJs and sweaters, TJMaxx and Marshalls have a large variety of both for low prices. They have every animated character from your childhood, from Snoopy to Frosty the Snowman. Primark also has these PJs and sweaters, but for a bit of a higher price. Nothing says Christmas like enjoying a hot chocolate in some reindeer PJs.


I’ve found that nail decorating is a great way to celebrate the season. From just looking up “Christmas nails” on Pinterest, you are greeted with tons of nail ideas. If you’re not very into nail decorating, you can even just paint your nails red and green.

Movies and music

One of my favorite parts of the anticipation of Christmas is the movies and music. Slowly but surely, various TV channels start playing Christmas movies and radio stations start playing Christmas music. Before you know it, both are everywhere! Freeform and the Hallmark Channel play lots of Christmas movies. For radio stations, the Hallmark Channel actually has a SiriusXM radio station dedicated solely to Christmas music! There are also plenty of Christmas music playlists on Spotify.

NYC events

In NYC, there are plenty of events going on leading up to the Christmas season for you to enjoy. There is of course the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, which is on November 28th. There is also ice skating at Rockefeller center, holiday markets, performances, and viewing of decorated store windows—basically, you’ll never get bored of the season!