Campus Cutie: Row Your Way to Nicolaas Woudenberg's Heart

Meet Nicolaas Woudenberg and hop into this sexy, 6'3" Dutch rower's love boat. 


Name: Nicolaas Woudenberg

Hometown: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

School: Columbia College '16

Major: Economics-Mathematics

Campus Activities: Columbia Heavyweight Rowing 

Describe yourself in less than ten words: If it's not on Netflix, I won’t watch it.

Campus activities: Carrying around my water bottle and doing things with Emmett

Best physical feature: My Harry Potter glasses

Favorite study spot: In my bed

Favorite memory from your time at Columbia so far: The first time I ate a Milano sandwich

Most embarrassing moment during your time at Columbia: Rooming with Matt Panton

Best thing about your team: Getting to wear unitards

Describe your team culture: “It's pretty weird that they like to kiss each other so much but they're tall, well dressed and well spoken, so it's alright.”

Favorite rowing sexual innuendo: Long, hard strokes.

Current relationship status: Wishing, wondering, waiting

What do you look for in a partner? I just want someone to ride bikes with.

Three ways a person can wife you up: If there were three ways, I’d be wifed up.

Give us your best pick up: I have an unlimited metro-card and a 401k.

Mels, The Heights, Cannons, or 1020? Wherever they’ll play Dutch rap. No luck yet.

What is the worst thing you have witnessed in Cannons? I ate dinner there once, 0/10 would recommend.

Anything else you would like people to know? Fries with mayo is the way to go.

**Disclaimer: This is a personal piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of Her Campus Media.