6 Feel-Good Shows to Lift Your Spirits

This is a really hard time in so many ways. I’m sure that many of us are feeling very low and negative, especially since we are cooped up indoors with a loss of freedom. Although it can be easy to feel discouraged, negative, and lose hope, I encourage you to do whatever you can to cling onto hope. I promise you that things are going to get better, even though it is surely hard to believe right now. Personally, I find good television a great way to make me feel better and remind me of the good in the world. Since you’re stuck inside anyway, I encourage you to watch things that will lift your spirits. Read on for my top picks, ranked.

  1. 1. Schitt's Creek

    Probably my favorite show ever (so much so that Collier and I wrote an article on why it’s the best show on TV right now), Schitt’s Creek is the perfect show to make you feel better. It is constantly humorous with each character bringing in their own funny flair. Even more, the show will remind you that life is good. The show brings the audience through a once lavishly rich family’s fall to poverty and living in a run-down motel. As the show goes on, however, viewers realize that this was actually the best thing that could have ever happened to them. Each character becomes a better person as they are humbled by their new living situation and those around them. They come to find success and love in unexpected places and learn to make the best of things. Thus, if you need a show to make you laugh and give you hope for when your world is turned upside-down, this is the show for you.

  2. 2. Queer Eye

    If you have a heart, this show will make you cry in so many ways. I ugly-cried multiple times, but most of all I happy-cried. The shows takes you through how five uniquely talented gay men transform the lives of people who need it most. These are people who usually have gone through something traumatic, have taken a hit to their self-esteem, or don’t have the resources to give themselves what they deserve. If you need a reminder that humanity is good, this is the perfect show for you. These selfless men swoop in to help people in the nicest ways possible; they genuinely care and do their best to help. As a result, the lives of the people they help are forever changed for the better. This show is a must-watch to make you smile and remind you of the good that truly exists in humanity.

  3. 3. One Day at a Time

    This is a sitcom that has the best of every world of TV in a single show. It follows a hilarious Cuban family, and if you’re Hispanic then you know that each Hispanic family has the personalities that exist in the Alvarez family. From the crazy dancing abuela to the strict mother, this show just gets it. More than this, though, this show is wholesome and deals with modern-day issues such as being a Hispanic immigrant and part of the LGBTQIA+ community. So, if you’re looking for a wholesome yet hilarious show to better your mood, hop on Netflix and give this a watch.

  4. 4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    This show is just hysterical in so many ways. The characters each have such a unique personality that makes the show non-stop funny. They’re all so different that it’s incredible how they get along, but they do and their relationships are the funniest things ever. Throughout the hilarity they form wholesome friendships and relationships that will make you tear up. There is a personality for everyone on this show and how they get along will seriously make you believe that everyone should be able to get along. My love for this show is so much that I have been stalling watching the latest season because it’s the last one and I’m trying to pretend that’s not happening. Please watch this show and discover who my favorite corgi ever is (you’ll have to watch to find out!).

  5. 5. Parks and Recreation

    This show is just something else. The humor is on a whole other level as some of the characters are quite literally insane. However, it’s a humor that grows on you. At the start of the show, you’re like dear lord what is going on. Soon enough, though, Leslie Knope and her badass goals grow on you. You see that she’s an awesome feminist leader who just wants the best for her community. Following her on her journey, you’re inspired to follow your own dreams and realize that there is no dream too big. This is the only show I’ve found that is so ridiculously hilarious while also having a strong female lead rise to power. What more do I need to say? Give it a watch.

  6. 6. The Office

    Possibly the most ridiculous show ever, The Office is so funny that there are points you will wheeze. The characters are absolutely ridiculous, to the point that it’s not entirely believable, but it couldn’t be more funny. They somehow manage to get along in their insane work space. As their relationships develop, they become even crazier. You sit back and wonder if there ever was an office like this mockumentary. Nonetheless, it’s nearly impossible to be upset while watching Jim and Dwight prank and each other; this show is like an alternate universe that makes you forget your troubles. So, go escape!

If it’s not evident, I watch way too much television. Lucky for you, though, this means that I have great advice on shows to watch during a time like this. One of the best things we can do is try to distract ourselves and just pretend it’s not happening, and I hope that these shows will help to do that for you.