3 Quick Ways to up Your Mascara Game

Lashes can be hard. I feel like my lashes have good and bad days the same way the hair on my head does. Lashes are also kind of like skin — you have to prep and prime them before you put on makeup. If you don’t, even with the best mascara you might not see your desired result. If you’re looking for a new mascara, check out my article on my favs. Looking to grow and condition your lashes? I got you there, too. If you’re just looking for some quick mascara tricks, read on here.

  1. 1. (Lightly) heat your eyelash curler.

    Please be very gentle in doing this. Using a hairdryer or even your own body heat (by putting your eyelash curler in your bra, waistline, or pocket), gently heat your eyelash curler. Then, curl your lashes as you normally would. The curler should just feel warm; it should not hurt at all to do this. Heating your eyelash curler helps to firm your curl, making it more defined and last longer throughout the day. Doing this before applying any mascara almost guarantees that your mascara will go on better and that your eyes will pop more. This tip is especially useful if you have stubbornly straight lashes, because the heat will force even the most stubborn of lashes to curl. I’ve been using this method for years and have seen no damage to my lashes — again, the curler should only be warm.

  2. 2. Purposefully get a little messy with your mascara.

    I know that Kylie Jenner came out with this trick a few years ago, but I would like to point out that I actually thought of it before her! Basically, you just purposefully let the mascara get around your lash line a bit as you’re applying, and then you go in after with a q-tip to take off any excess. This trick makes your eyes look lined without eyeliner, makes your lashes look darker, and makes your eyes pop. If you use this trick, though, make sure to mentally give me credit for it and not Kylie Jenner.

  3. 3. Go for light, quick strokes when applying.

    Eyelashes are very light and delicate, so if you go on too hard and too many times with your mascara, you can weigh your lashes down. Instead, try to use light strokes, wiggling the wand from bottom to top. It also helps if the strokes are quick so that you don’t let the mascara dry in between. By applying lightly and quickly, you ensure that your lashes don’t get weighed down or clumpy and that the layers don’t dry out between coats.

I hope these tips help you to up your lash game! They’re quick, easy, and don’t require special tools — enjoy!