3 Easy Ways to Glow Up Your Eyelashes

I’ve always been obsessed with long, thick, luscious eyelashes. I naturally do not have very thick or long eyelashes and so I found myself always searching for ways to achieve this look. There are many products on the market, even ways to give yourself an eyelash lift at home. Many of these methods, however, are expensive and have a lot of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Alas, look no further. I have searched far and wide for years, and it turns out that the best ways to get the eyelashes of your dreams are simple and cost-effective.

  1. 1. Use coconut oil or Vaseline on your eyelashes every night before bed.

    I have always seen this advice all over, and was skeptical if it would really work because it’s so simple. Although this method requires patience, it really does work. I recommend applying either coconut oil or Vaseline every single night using a silicone mascara wand; it’ll probably take a few months to see results, and to maintain the results it’ll need to be done at least every other night. I recommend using a silicone mascara wand because it allows you to directly apply to your lashes, but you can also wash it so you can practice hygiene and not have any gunk build up — if you use a regular mascara spoolie and don’t wash it thoroughly and regularly, you risk constantly applying bacteria to your eyelashes. If you don’t have a silicone spoolie, use a cotton swab. If you must use your fingers, make sure you wash them thoroughly first. If you find that you get excess product around your eyes, use a cotton pad to gently dab it off.

    Coconut oil and Vaseline both work pretty well because they are conditioning, moisturizing, and cost-effective! Coconut oil even has antimicrobial properties to help protect your eyelashes from bacteria. If you use coconut oil, make sure that it is virgin and organic. Lastly, as with everything you put on your body or consume, make sure that you’re not allergic to either product first.

  2. 2. Make sure you clean your eyes the right way.

    We’ve all been there — you’ve been wearing eye makeup all day and you can’t wait to take it off at the end of the night and get in bed. You ferociously take it off because you’re impatient and it seemingly takes forever and a lot of force to get off. You go through three makeup wipes and it seems that there is still eye makeup left. No! Please don’t do this! Even if you don’t feel like it, harshly taking off your eye makeup (through the products you’re using and the way you’re doing it) can really damage your eyelashes; they can be ripped out in the process, become very sensitive and fall off later, the hair follicle can be damaged, and the lashes can dry out.

    That being said, use the right products when taking off your makeup, especially on your eyes because they’re so sensitive. I recommend something oily, creamy, or balmy because these consistencies allow you to glide over without rubbing and friction; if you use a wipe, there can be a lot of harsh movement. Micellar water and a facial cotton pad (preferably premium cotton and hypoallergenic) also works as a gentle alternative if you use it the right way, meaning that you press down on your eyelids and wait for the makeup to be absorbed as opposed to rubbing and scrubbing. If you look up products specifically to remove eye makeup, you will find gentle alternatives like these pads that I have used.

    Even more important is the kind of motion you use when taking off your eye makeup. You should always go in a downward motion from the top of your eyelid to the bottom, in a gentle way without pressing too hard, rubbing, or going back and forth. You should never, I repeat, NEVER, go side-to-side, back and forth, rub, etc. — these motions are terrible for your eyelashes are almost guaranteed to make them be unhealthy and fall out.

    Although this goes without saying, make sure you wash your face and then moisturize after using products to take your makeup off; most makeup remover products don’t take everything off, so you still need good old water and soap to get the rest. If you don’t, you’ll probably end up with residual mascara still stuck in your eyelashes, which not only leads to unattractive morning racoon eyes but also can cause eyelashes to fall out and pore blockage. (Besides that, the rest of your face would also definitely not appreciate you going to sleep with residual foundation.)

  3. 3. Be careful what you put on your eyes.

    There are a ton of eye makeup products out there that are not necessarily healthy for the eyes. It’s important to look into the products you’re putting on your eyes before buying — especially if you have sensitive eyes or allergies. I try to read reviews first and look through the ingredients. Even though I often don’t understand most of the ingredients, I can recognize some of the bad ones (like parabens and sulfates) as definite no-nos. It’s also important once you start using a product to pay attention to how your eyes react; if you find your eyelashes getting dry, itchy, or falling out, the product is probably not for you. I once tried a cult-favorite mascara only for it to make my eyelashes dry and my eyes watery and red, even though the product worked well for many others. Everyone is different, so it’s important to pay attention to how your eyes react when you try a new product.

Believe it or not, these three things (over time) will really help you to attain great eyelashes. Now, it’s important to remember that everyone’s eyelashes are naturally different, and so how amazing your eyelashes can get may only go so far. But these things will definitely improve how they’re looking now. Eyelash hairs are sensitive and grow on different cycles than the hairs on the rest of our body, so it’s important that we coddle them if we want them to look lush. Do these three things everyday as part of your routine, be patient, and watch what happens — I promise you won’t be disappointed.