So...Fall Break Happened


You talked to your summer fling over fall break. 

Despite all the late night talks with your friends which undeniably ended in the "He doesn't deserve you!"s and "What good can come out of it?"s, you did see him. 

Because let's be honest, how long did you really believe anything that you were telling yourself? Three seconds?


I don't even know you, and I know that you believed none of it. 

Now don't be embarrassed, clearly you're not the only horror story here, taking into account that I am writing this. 

For comfort? Sure I'll give you an overview of what happened to me. 

We talked all summer, the usual, then left for school, never had the conversation, and he ghosted. 

As I said, the usual. 

So as per such a usual, I did the typical stalking sessions with my friends, the late night discussions of why bad things happen to good people with my housemates.


Then OF COURSE I storied when I got home, cause in all honesty, what else is Snapchat good for but to let your hot piece know you're back on break. 

Contrary to every hypothetical situation I had drawn up with my friends, he immediately responded to my story:

"Home and didn't text me, I see how it is" 

So, I naturally responded:

"Thought you wouldn't recognize my number" 

And at this point you're probably thinking this is the extent of the talking I meant, and that you're proud of me. That I wrote this article to brag about being such an independent woman.

But you're wrong.

That's not it. 

I'm worse than that. I texted him. And you know what, for all seven people that ever read this, you probably texted him too. 


Here's the thing. 

Everyone told me not to do it, including myself, swearing that it was a bad idea. Yet in actuality, the only reason I didn't want to do it was because I didn't want him to ignore me. 

Which of course he inevitably ended up doing, but I digress.

The point being, if I hadn't texted him, I never would've known, and I don't think it's fair that I have to live guessing because he can't make up his mind.


And if you hooked up with them, honestly, bonus points!!! 

I unfortunately did not pull that off, but merely texted back and forth twice and then laid that sweet song to rest. 

But it's fine, I'm fine. 

So as will I, you will undoubtedly hear from him over Thanksgiving break, because that would simply make the most sense, and for sure over Christmas. 

And what's wrong with that? 


So what you spoke to your summer fling that you swore on your life you'd never give him the time of day again? 

So what you hooked up in his car after you swore to yourself that you were just gonna hang out and talk?



Props to you girl, he played right into your hands. 

So, congrats on your fall break, despite what all your friends say (and what you will for sure be saying to yourself on the long thought provoking drive back up to school).

You did you, and that's a good thing.