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What does dating look like during a pandemic? For students in relationships, moving back felt like a punch in the gut… being so close to your partner but not being able to see them in person! While Colgate’s quarantine is *almost* over, it’s still unclear when we’ll get to spend time in our SO’s room. For now, here are some ideas to get the most out of your relationship while following social distancing guidelines!


Dating doesn’t have to stop just because one (or both) of you is quarantining! Here are some ideas to get the most out of your relationship while following quarantine guidelines:

  • Use a Netflix extension to watch the same movie at the same time. I recommend Netflix Party for Chrome.

  • Order delivery for one another and send a surprise meal! Eat together, and let your partner know how they did in ordering something for you. 

  • Cook together. Pick a simple meal you can both cook with what you have, and enjoy knowing you’re making the same thing apart.

  • Have a game night. One of you can purchase JackBox Party Pack online (on sale for $13) to have hours of fun playing games together. Bonus points if you play the game on your phones and Zoom to see one another on your computers!

  • While nothing can replace the real thing, exchanging pictures or having spicy facetimes with your significant other can be great in the meantime! Throw on that matching set you’ve kept in the back of your dresser, a dress that makes you feel like a sex godess, or even your cutest skirt and top. Whatever makes you feel confident and sexy, snap a pic and send it your lover’s way.

Not in quarantine? Here are a couple in person, socially distant date ideas:

  • As quarantine restrictions loosen up, students are allowed to gather in groups of less than 10 outdoors. Take advantage of it! Go for a walk around town, hiking trails, or even just sit on a blanket in the quad and enjoy each other’s company. Take a blanket, some pillows, and your laptop and have an outdoor movie date! 

  • Hit up the Farmer’s Market. Hamilton’s Saturday morning farmers market is a great way to get out and about while supporting local farmers!

Riley Decker

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Sophomore at Colgate University majoring in psychology.
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