Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Sick of the traditional dinner date? Check out these alternatives!Donuts

  1. 1. Paint Night

    You can paint not only canvasses, but have a paint war! Or play paint twister! (put the color paint on the spots on the twister mat) If you are the artistic type, try to find a Bob Ross tutorial and compete to see how can paint it best. 

  2. 2. Go to the Zoo/Aquarium

    Zoos can be a lil sketchy so look for one focussed on conservation and endangered animals for a fun date. The Virginia Living Museum is a great option for local CNU folks.

  3. 3. Laser Tag

    Be a kid again for the day and go have fun! This is a great option for the day and then you can go to a romantic dinner in the evening!

  4. 4. Karoke Bar

    Honestly, this is either someone's worst nightmare and best night ever so know your S.O. well enough to decide!

Just remeber, the most important part of V-Day is spending it with your SO! 

heart shapped cookies, kinda looks like a bird