Your First Winter: A Guide to Winter Outerwear and Apparel

Now go out and get the right gear

 It’s possible that this guide started to sound repetitive with the emphasis on waterproof, wicking materials, and layering.  To be honest, it should feel repetitive!  That’s because the strategy for dressing warmly is really about two conditions:

  1. Staying warm
  2. Staying dry

As you’ve learned, there are easy ways to accomplish those two things with the proper apparel.  By now, you’re ready to go to the store and buy the right gear the first time around so your first winter can be a pleasant one.
BONUS: Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius in your head
There is a very good chance that temperatures listed in Fahrenheit have no meaning to you since so few countries use Fahrenheit.  Here is a simple way to convert one to the other.
First, subtract 30 from the current temperature, and then divide the sum by 2.  For example, let’s say the temperature outside is 50°F:
50°F  –  30 = 20      then        20 ÷ 2  = 10°C
Though this method is not 100% accurate, it gets you close enough to be able to make a decision about what to wear.