Your First Winter: A Guide to Winter Outerwear and Apparel

2. The Fall and Spring Coat

Think of your fall and spring coat as a transition coat.  Often people get a wool pea coat that hits at the hips and is lighter than a full winter coat.  These are often fashionable and, when chosen in the right colors, can be used both before and after winter (choose your coat color carefully!).
Note: If your raincoat has a warm lining such as polar fleece, a soft synthetic fiber, you may not need an additional coat for fall and spring.
Pea coats are available almost anywhere outerwear is sold, which means prices range from $50 to $150. Since this coat doesn’t need to be as technically advanced as a waterproof raincoat, you can buy less expensive options.


These lightweight wool coats are great for walking between classes, even in the winter months.