Online Shopping with a Charitable Twist



We have all heard of TOMS shoes and how the company has a One for One mission statement, where for every pair of shoes that is purchased they give a child in need a pair. The shoes are cute and you feel good after you buy them. It is really a win-win situation. TOMS is not the only company that has a mission like this. There are many products of all kinds where part of your purchase goes to a charitable organization.



I discovered this company recently at my local beauty shop and fell in love. They are headbands with over 100 different designs and sizes made of cloth. I absolutely love their “no slip” claim (which is completely true) because the back is made of velvet and stays in my hair all day! If it wasn’t enough that they are adorable, comfy and actually work, each headband provides 3 meals to Amazima which is a company that provides food to people in Uganda.


Out of Print

I know we all love to wear our T-shirts so why not help a good cause while doing it. All of “Out of Print’s” shirts and accessories are based off of famous book covers. The shirts are really cool and remind me of all the books that I have read and classics I haven’t gotten to yet. The jewelry is awesome and I hope that they continue to add more to the collection. For every product that you buy, they donate books through Books for Africa too!


Roma Boots

If you’re in college and have managed to not have a pair of rain boots then you must not go to class in inclement weather because walking across campus in wet shoes is miserable. Roma has all kinds of colors and styles of rain boots for adults and kids that will definitely brighten up your rainy day blues. For each pair of rain boots that is purchased a pair is given to a child too! Also, 10% of the profits go to the “Roma for All Foundation” to break the poverty cycle.


OAK Backpacks

We all need a backpack to get our way too many textbooks to class every day. These backpacks are really high quality and come in lots of different colors that could easily be monogrammed! They are partnered with “The Neighborhood Kids” to donate a backpack for every purchase to at risk kids in America as well as “Africa New Life” to educate kids in Rwanda.


We Wood Time Pieces

Blinged out watches are a huge trend right now but these are something different! Instead, check out these wooden watches (and some of the woman’s even have a little bling on them). If you’re not sure they are for you, they also have an amazing men’s collection that could make a great gift for your dad or significant other. For each “We Wood” purchase, a tree is planted with their partner “Trees For The Future” and they have planted over 300,000 trees.


Twice as Warm

Although it’s been extra warm this week, winter weather will probably be making a comeback soon and maybe we will even be getting some snow again this year. “Twice as Warm” makes scarves, gloves and hats that look super cozy! The infinity scarves are definitely my favorite. For each piece of clothing purchased they donate a piece to someone in need in their local area and are looking to spread the warmth more across America. Plus all their goods are made in the U.S.A!