Zoom University Week 1

Name: Joy Majwega


Grade: Second year in college (originally class of 2022, but I am graduating this December CO’20).


Motivation level: 3/10


Mood: Bored in the house and I am in the house bored


Review of Classes

Class 1: Ahead of all classwork, doing fantastic, feeling great

Class 2: Nothing yet, tbd for assignments, really chilling right now

Class 3: Minimal work, doing great

Class 4: Literally have no idea what is going on, I’ll keep you updated. 

Class 5: Enjoyed the Zoom lecture, feeling good about the class.  

Overall Thoughts: I have a love/hate relationship with online learning. Last summer I attempted to take an online summer course while working 55+ hours (do not recommend). With moderation and having a better schedule, I can do it, limiting myself to 20-30 hours a week of work as essential personnel. I feel like I am behind in my classwork when in reality I am not. I like the flexibility of online learning but also miss the physical interaction. My plan for the next couple of days is to get a finalized schedule set in my agenda. My biggest motivating factor is that school ends in about a month and then SUMMER! Even if it is a quarantine summer, this added combination stress of being at home and completing school work has not been kind for my mental health. Also, I swore never to download TikTok but here I am, renagading, savage dancing, etc. I am staying positive and testing negative, grades and weight going up and stress going down. May the odds be ever in your favor.