Why Its Okay To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day has come, and you are still single. Do you feel bad about it? Do you not care? Do you want to be in a relationship but feel like you might stay single forever? Well, whatever it is I’m here to tell you why being single is not so bad…


  1. You can focus on yourself.

~Sometimes you can get so caught up in a relationship worrying about the other person. But when you are single, you can always have me-time. Focus on your needs, wants and bettering yourself.

  1. Stress-Free! ~Thinking of what to plan for Valentine’s Day when in a relationship or situationship can be very stressful. What should I wear? Where should we go? Is it time to define the relationship? What gift do I get them? There are none of these lingering questions when you’re single!

  2. Saving your coins! ~No need to spend any money on gifts, restaurants, outings, etc. The only money you might spend is on the after Valentine’s Day candy sales. ( Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS)

  3. No sharing.

~No need to share your candy, bed covers for the Netflix marathon or that pizza you ordered from Dominos. You can have it all to yourself.

  1. Do Whatever You Want to Do

     ~Self explanatory. You can do absolutely whatever you want to do this day. It’s all up to you.