What I spend in a week

In this post I will be taking you on a journey of what I spent this week, which happened to also be the first week of college. Keep in mind I do not buy these items every week.


  1. School supplies ( notebooks, pencils, pens, folders,etc)- $9.89

  2. Access Code for a class- 106.81

  3. E-textbooks-$30.00

  4. Eating out- 34.99

  5. Gas- $40 

  6. Thrifted clothes- $21.98

  7. Bath and Body Works- $14.50

  8. Dorm Decor- $19.87


Total………………………………………….  $318.04 


This is a short summary of what I spent, I will often try to save money whenever I can. Reusing items from the previous year such as bedding, decorations, etc is very helpful. I have become very aware of my spending and introduced myself to the topic of finances at the beginning of the summer. 


I have joined Ellevest, Betterment and Acorns (not sponsored), which are all investing apps and platforms where you can see your money grow. I encourage you to become involved in investing and your finances, and why not start early! Make a budget for yourself and stick to it. There are millions of budgeting templates online which can help you see where your money is going. It is easy to swipe that credit or debit card and push the debt to the back of your mind, but it will come back to haunt you later. Only get a credit card if you are responsible enough to pay the money back. A great tip for those using credit cards: only swipe if you can afford it. Keeping this saying in your head at all times will help you avoid possible bankruptcy in the future.


 If you are ever in doubt about whether or not you should get those cute jeans for $89.99 on sale...the answer is no. Just kidding but seriously learn the difference between treating yourself versus having a spending problem.