L u c y D a c u s - “ F o o l ’ s G o l d ” - r e v i e w

This year, the amazing Lucy Dacus has been consistently blessing the world by dropping a new single every month or so. It’s one of the few things really getting me through this year.

It started in January, with her beautiful cover of Édith Piaf’s "La Vie En Rose," and, since then, Dacus has released six other songs leading up to her new album that is set to come out on November 8. My other personal favorites (aside from the Piaf cover) are her cover of Bruce Springsteen’s“Dancing in the Dark” and her newest single, “Fool’s Gold,” which was released on Thursday, November 7.

According to an article from Pitchfork, Dacus began writing“Fool’s Gold” immediately following the leave of her last guest at her 2018 New Year’s Party.

As an avid Lucy fan, and after listening to “Fool’s Gold” pretty much non-stop all day, I can say that I think we have something really exciting to look forward to with the release of her new album. I was introduced to Lucy Dacus when I listened to boygenius (her band along with Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker) for the first time, and after seeing boygenius in concert in Boston and watching Dacus perform, I was immediately hooked.

I saw her again when she came to Northampton, MA earlier this year and if she comes back here again soon I would love to see her a third time (Lucy, if you happen to read this, I am free next Wednesday night and I would love to hang out. Please let me know).

In her latest single, Lucy sounds sweet as always, and it's a perfect personal reflection of another passing year.

“I threw the party so I could stay put/You brought the bottle like a promise I forgot/ A new year begins/ It ushers us in/ The knot in mygut is coming with.”

One reason I’m really excited about this album is because Lucy’s music is so personal and down to earth, and I think that “Fool’s Gold” especially emphasizes the emotions that come along with another changing year.

“Fool’s Gold” and Lucy Dacus’s newestalbum, 2019, are now available for enjoying!