H a r r y S t y l e s S e t t o R e l e a s e “ F i n e L i n e ” D e c e m b e r 1 3 t h

When Harry announced his second world tour on instagram on November 13, followinghis announcement of his second studio album “Fine Line” to be released on December 13th, Ifelt so excited that I would finally get the chance to see him live after having to miss his firstworld tour last year. I am writing this in a genuine rush of excitement after my friend texted methis morning that she got us tickets to see him in Boston in July!We’ve all been waiting for Harry’s return to music since the release of his firststudio album back in 2017, but his surprise release of his single “Lights Up” in October left useach with a glimmer of hope that we would be getting new music sooner than we had thought.And once “Watermelon Sugar” was dropped, this hope spiraled into an intense excitement forwhat's to come. Harry’s October 22nd tweet “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run.” tellsus everything we need to know about the upcoming album. Based off of “Lights Up” and“Watermelon Sugar” alone, we can expect that “Fine Line” will have a different, possibly moreupbeat tone than his first album (but I would be curious to know if anything will be able to beat“Sign of the Times”). I’ll be trying my best to wait patiently for December 13th to find out for sure,but I am obviously confident that we have something to really look forward to (and if you’regoing to see him live for the first time like me, we are in for double the excitement).