Do You Like Him or The Idea of Him?

Well do you? Don’t worry I have some signs to help you figure out what you might be feeling about the situation with your significant other. This way you can move on with the relationship on the right foot or end things, need be. Below I have signs you like the idea of him and not him.

  1. 1. You have not DTR

    ~DTR= Defined the relationship. In this case you have not thought about how you want your relationship with him to be. You do not see this relationship turning into anything even slightly romantic.

  2. 2. He can be replaced

    ~Think about your special someone, would you care if it was a different person in their place right now? Those texts, laughs, conversations, feelings could also happen with someone else and you would not care.

  3. 3. You want to be in a relationship

    ~This factor could be more dangerous than you think. If you had the intention before hand of wanting to date, now you finally have an eligible bachelor, so why not. You are just happy about possibly having a new partner that their physical being does not play such big factor.

If you are still confused about whether you still like him or the idea of him, I will just let you know why you shouldn’t just like the idea of him. When you solely like the idea of them, meaning you like the thought of them being there and do not actually care/take the time to get to know them, this becomes an issue. While the other person may be trying to learn more about you, you may not be putting in 100%. It is very unfair to the other person because you are wasting their time (and yours). Take the time to get to know them, do not rush into anything too quickly. Be honest about how you feel to your signicant other through communication. If you are aware you may not like them but instead the IDEA of them, end it as soon as possible.