Childish or Childhood Trauma?

Recently I was having a conversation with someone when a switch flipped and the conversation went downhill. At the moment where I knew this conversation was not going to end well, I decided to detach myself from the situation. In other words, I left. The other person in the room had gathered up their things to follow but I had made it clear, I was going to be leaving alone. 

This made me think of how you, I and many of those around us have trauma, to be more specific, childhood trauma. A while back I was on Instagram and clicked on my older sister’s story. It was a repost of “The Holistic Psychologist” post about healing. The Holistic Psychologist is also known as Dr. Nicole LePera. She teaches followers how to heal and consciously create a new version of oneself’. One post back in October included the following:   


Inner Child Belief

  1. Yelling, screaming, “Going on a rant”

No one hears me

  1. Stomping off, slamming doors

I am desperate to be seen

  1. Betrayal, Infidelity

I cannot tolerate insecurity+ seek ego validation

  1. Day Dreaming, hoping things will change somehow

I need to be rescued in order to be happy


It may be easy to think when you are younger; whatever you do or how you grow up does not shape you into the person you will become...but that is false. Your experiences follow you through life and show up in various circumstances. The way you talk to others, react in an argument, treat yourself, etc. 

It is important to acknowledge you have childhood trauma and create a plan on how you will help yourself to become a better YOU. You are not your past, your parents, your mistakes, etc, but if you do not acknowledge all of these factors, then the healing process will become harder. 

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**I will be making a series of her posts and my reactions to them. This is Part 1 of many, This post is not sponsored, I just appreciate the work Dr. LePera does.**