5 Shows to Watch While You Continue To Delay Homework

Tech Support1. Friends

This is my favorite show. It follows six 20-something year-old friends from New York City on their struggles and accomplishments throughout life. The show is always funny and relatable.

2. The Office

The Office follows a paper company in Scranton, PA as a documentary is made about the employees. It's about the office's everyday occurrences and how things typically get our of hand.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Follow the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn for the NYPD and how they take on conflict and interact with the multiple different personalities at work. The quick one-liners will have you laughing out loud.

4. Big Mouth

This Netflix original follows two teenage boys as they figure out their lives through puberty and all the changes happening in their lives. This show can be considered vulgar at times, but I think that's what makes it funny. It has a great cast too.

5. Gilmore Girls

This show follows Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory as they live together in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The show centers around the community and the interactions that the Gilmore family has with it. It's funny and light hearted.