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Your Ultimate Pre-fall Playlist!


Fall is in the air ladies and gents!


 With the nights starting to get colder, and the pumpkin flavored capitalism is slowly creeping its way back in (you know I still love Halloween and pumpkin spice though!)


I am reminded that fall is a time of the start of something new. I have curated a playlist that are all songs that remind me that like season, our life is always changing.


Inspired by this idea, I decided to make a playlist of what fall sounds like to me.


 These songs are mostly indie and keep my heart at ease in times of pre-test cramming and working 30 hours a week. They center me on what fall is to me. A time for change and a time to wind down as the summer nights come to an end. 


With notes of soul music and hints of 80s techno pop, I encourage you to reflect in the pre-fall era and enjoy what I think the sounds of fall should be. 


Chloe Sacre

Cincinnati '22

University of Cincinnati
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