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You Know You Have Allergies When…

1. Wearing Contacts Just Doesn’t Work Anymore

Everyone with allergies know that when spring comes around, you start the endless “eye rubbing”. When you walk outside, your eyes automatically swell and the itching begins. For contact wearers, this is extremely annoying because once you starting rubbing, you just can’t stop. If you are anything like me, wearing contacts just makes the itch worse and with each eye rub, your contacts shifts around making you want to rip those contacts out. It leaves you no choice but to pull out those hideous bedtime glasses that you would never EVER want people to see you in.

2. Friends are Always Asking “Why Are Your Eyes So Red?”

This has to be the most annoying question right above the “Why Are You Sneezing So Much” one. Everyone who experiences allergies hears this question at least two to three times a day. Friends, family and even random strangers always feel the need to comment on your red, swollen and puffy eyes each time they see you…. as if they never heard of allergies. We should just wear sign around our neck that says “Hello, my name is (INSERT NAME HERE) & I have allergies”.

3. You are constantly blowing your nose and coughing

Ever been in class and there is that one person who is sneezing so much you just have to give up saying “Bless You”? Yep, that’s the Seasonal Allergy crew. Sorry…we wish we could just turn it off too! We know others find it annoying but just imagine how we feel with this endless problem. We go through at least 3 or 4 packs of tissues every week and are constantly running to the bathroom. There are even times we sneeze so much we get a headache.

4. You Can Never Breathe

Waking up in the middle of the night because you can’t breathe is always fun. You have to search high and low for your nasal spray and then you are up for hours after because you can’t fall back to sleep. Not to mention during the day, you look like a walking fish due to the fact you can only breathe out of your mouth. Oh…the joys of spring!

Campus Correspondent and founder of Her Campus Cincinnati. Tyasia is a 5th year Spanish & Marketing student (sadly!). Lover of all things plaid! When she's not sipping on margaritas or eating mangos, she's jet setting around the world (All time favorite place: Guatemala!) Tyasia plans to make New York City her home sweet home after graduation to pursue a International or Fashion PR career! Keep up with her on Twitter @tyjenksss
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