Winning More Than Just a Bet

Fall Break is coming up at the University of Cincinnati on October 11th and 12th. If you’re considering going out of town for this much-needed break and not wanting to spend money, but rather win it – make your way down to our southern backyard, Lexington, Kentucky. Down in Lexington lies the famous horse park, Keeneland.

Since 1936, Keeneland opens the in the beginning of October and comes to a close at the end. The tradition is carried on this October 5th through the 27th. Keeneland is not only located in Lexington, Kentucky but also right by the University of Kentucky campus. Keeneland doesn't just create a great social environment for the Kentucky Wildcats, but for college kids across the country as well.

With the social aspect of the horse park, Keeneland also comes with the emotional roller coaster that spectators of the race get to experience, whether you’re losing $3 off a trifecta bet, or you’re about to win what could be your next month’s rent on a horse that just looked the prettiest.

Lucky for us Bearcats, October 12th, our second day of fall break, Keeneland is holding their annual College Scholarship Day. Along with winning money from bets, you could win money for your future.

Started in 2002, teaming up with KTA, Coke, and Southern Proper, College Scholarship Day allows for college students to enjoy everything Keeneland has to offer, the socializing, the racing and a lot more!

On this great day, gates open at 11 a.m., and the first 2,000 full-time college students receive either a Southern Proper hat or t-shirt! Along with that, before every race, starting at 1 p.m., a scholarship is raffled off for a lucky college student.

Each scholarship is at least $1,000 and this year Keeneland is also able to give out two $10,000 scholarships from the help of the Run Happy Foundation. If you are to win this hefty amount of money, you are recognized in the Winner’s Circle where the first place horse is praised with their owner(s) and jockey. In just this one day, Keeneland will raffle off $30,000 in scholarship money.

In order to be eligible for these raffles, you have to register on Keeneland’s website which is open nowt. You also have to be a full-time college student and show your student ID at the gates when you come to the horse park.

Not only can you win scholarship money, but Keeneland also has free food, game booths and music for all the college students on October 12th.

When it comes to College Scholarship Day and Keeneland itself, Betsy May, Promotions and Community Relations Manager for Keeneland says “we have created an amazing atmosphere for college students. It is exciting to get free swag, eat free food… and there’s nothing better than the fall and the Bluegrass,”

If you’re in need of an inexpensive getaway for fall break, Keeneland has got you covered not only for a good time, but maybe even for your education.