Why You Shouldn't Cuff During Cuffing Season

Everyone loves cuddling and doing cute fall shit with a significant other. Especially during cuff season.

Cuff Season (n): A season that comes along during the cold fall and winter months. Consists of single people wanting to be tied down or in a serious relationship due to cold weather and prolonged indoor activities that happen during the few months.

If you’re debating if you should cuff this season or not here are some reason to help sway you in the right direction.


You can do those “cute” fall activities with friends.

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my guy and girl friends. Going to pumpkin patches, hayrides, light shows at the zoo and any-other basic fall/winter activity you can do with a significant other you can do with friends. Unless it’s a romantic candlelit dinner.


As soon as the cold weather is over, so is the relationship

Sure having someone to cuddle at night is nice and all but as soon as the weather warms up there’s nothing better than being single and enjoying the nice and hot weather. Everyone knows summer is the season to be single.


You’ll save money

Let’s be honest here, you’re cuffing for the cuddles not because of the connection. Why spend money on a relationship that wont last when you can spend it on the new holiday collection of your favorite make up brand or concert tickets to your favorite artist/band? Priorities.


Cuff when you’re ready not because you’re lonely

Being okay with being alone is the first step into realizing you can actual handle being in a relationship and it lasting. If you’re not happy alone with yourself what makes you think you can be happy with some else? Love yourself first before you can love someone else.


You could spend your time doing other things

Relationships are time consuming. Until you’re actually ready for one spend your time doing something more productive like working on your spring break body (or not), picking up a new hobby, spending more time with your friends, or studying (HA).


You can get the same affect with a body pillow and/or heated blanket

I spent five bucks on a body pillow on target and its been the best investment I’ve ever had. Not only do you get the affect of cuddling but I’m sure your body pillow smells better and won’t fart in your bed or judge you for farting in your bed. Plus, you get constant cuddles when you want and where you want (well not in public sorry). Add a heated blanket for extra warmth.


And lastly, you’re a strong independent individual who doesn’t need nobody to make them feel like the great person they already are.