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Why the Obama’s are Actual Relationship Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cincinnati chapter.


            We are a generation of an abundance of relationship trends; calling one another bae, dating apps like Tinder, and of course “relationship goals.” I’ve never been one to fall victim to the recent relationship fads, but I couldn’t help but notice the increasing popularity of relationship goals…it’s everywhere on all platforms of social media. But what stole my attention even more was the fact that girls are looking up to couples like Kylie and Tyga. I’m not trying to downplay them as a couple, but relationship goals shouldn’t be focused on whether or not your boyfriend buys you a Mercedes for your birthday or how cute you guys look together. The problem I have with relationship goals is that they are usually unrealistic, typically showcasing extremely photogenic couples which is really just promoting a couple aesthetic…not an actual relationship. One couple that I truly think embodies the genuine relationship goals is Barack and Michelle Obama. They are obviously living the presidential dream, but that doesn’t affect their unwavering and obvious love for one another. Here are ­­nine reasons why the Obama’s are relationship goals actually worthy of achieving.


  1. They just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on October 3rd, 2016. [A lasting relationship is one to look up to; congrats on 20 years!]



2. Michelle is always looking out for her man…


3. Just like Obama is always looking out for his girl. [A relationship should always have a mutual feeling of taking care of one another!]


4. They are in constant support of one another. [Of course, all relationships have their struggles, but it’s so important to always support your person.]


5. They look bomb together. [I know I said your couple’s “look” isn’t everything…but c’mon, they are a gorgeous couple.]


6. They have raised two daughters and created a wonderful family. [Raising children isn’t for every couple, but the Obama’s nailed it.]


7. They have fun together! [If you can’t be yourself and always have a good time with your man, is it even a real relationship?]


8. Their PDA doesn’t make me want to vomit. [PDA is only cute if it is tasteful, and this kiss cam captured one adorable kiss.]


9. They genuinely love each other! [Michelle posted this photo for Barack’s birthday with the message, “55 years young and that smile still gets me every single day.”]


*heart melts*


Fourth year student at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in magazine journalism and minoring in fashion studies in the DAAP program. Enthusiast of green tea, bunnies, and anything black & gold. Aspiring to have a future in the fashion journalism world.