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Why Coloring Books and College are Best Friends

As a college student, we all know the stresses that come with endless loads of work, exams and everything in between that consumes our daily lives. One thing that stands firm amidst the changes we experience growing up is that we will never, ever be too old to spend time coloring. There’s something extremely calming and tranquil about filling in mindless patterns with your favorite colors.  And recently, adult coloring books have made a rise amongst young adults everywhere.

#1 Relieves stress and takes mind your mind off of everyday tasks

#2 Keeps the brain more stimulated than being on autopilot watching Netflix

Although everyone’s favorite pass time is to stare at a screen aimlessly watching Netflix for hours, you may find that submerging yourself in fun patterns and a range of colors is better for your mind when stressed with school and work. Adding different activities into your daily scheme of things will be more beneficial for you in the long run, and the final product is legendary to hang anywhere in a college home.

#3 Adds character to the typical “quote on a canvas “ wall hanging

#4 Colors are a good excuse to run away from black and white words on a Microsoft work document

It’s crazy to think about how many hours in the day college students are staring at a computer screen… waiting for the proper combination of words to complete a research paper. We all need to give our eyes a rest at some point, and revert to a world

#5 They are a way of self- expression if you’re not an artsy person

#6 Looking at the big picture, who wouldn’t want to feel like a 5 year old again with Crayola Colored Pencils and a Disney Coloring book?

At the end of the day, I shouldn’t have to convince you any further to take yourself to the store and purchase a coloring book. For a moment each day, you can relax, meditate, and think of your childhood, and innocence and every reason to be 21 years old  and coloring for hours.

“We spend our whole childhood wanting to grow up faster. But we spend our whole adult life wanting to go back to the simplicity of being a kid again”. -Unknown 




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