What it's Like to Date a Journalism Student

Although we will correct your grammar and spelling, it’s not to be impertinent and offensive—it’s what we’re used to. We care about you, rather than letting you embarrass yourself. We can be beneficial to your academic life when it comes to writing papers. And, although some would think otherwise, we’re not going to be taking notes every five minutes, writing down your every move. We’re not that creepy. We’re very fun and optimistic. You’re in for some adventures.

When it comes to writing and finding out information, we are very committed. We take pride in everything we do, so everything is done with our best ability. We do not lie. We’re used to everything being presenting in an honest, unbiased way, so loyalty runs deep through our veins. That’s definitely a plus.

We always have something to talk about. There’s never a dull moment. We always have a story to tell, whether it’s breaking news or the latest, juicy gossip. Get used to “Don’t tell him I told you this, but…” Don’t take this the wrong way—but in a relationship, you’re supposed to be best friends and talk about everything. As females, this is what we do with our BFFs anyway.

New ideas come in and out of our heads daily. We’re accustomed trying new things. We’re always up for a challenge. Sometimes we have to take risks to write the perfect story. Our bodies are just immune to the codes that we live by. Tons of fun can take place by that matter.

Holidays will be the best because you’ll always receive a personalized card with some gushy love letter that’ll blow your mind. We are very passionate and articulate. I could give you 100 reasons why I like you and you’d know it’s sincere.

We’re very opinionated. Frisky disputes keep relationships on their toes. If you like engaging in arguments or you’re looking for someone who’s, once again, down for a challenge, you’ve met your match.

What’s not to love about dating a journalism student?