Valentines Day: Over or Underrated?

My best friend Barb has always disliked Valentines Day…. mind you it is not because she’s single. In fact she has had a boyfriend the past six years on Valentines Day.

“Love is not bins of neon oversized stuffed animals in my mind."

I don’t expect anything from my guy this year, if he does something then great but he shows me every day that he likes and respects me. I’ll definitely take it. 

I see so many tweets that are complaining about being alone on Valentines Day. Yes, it is a “holiday” meant for celebrating your loved ones but you have to realize it is just a day. If someone is just showing you extra affection because the calendar says you must then does the person really love you. In my opinion, if you are truly loved then a holiday makes no difference and you should be shown that love each and every day.

Of course the chocolate is always a nice perk on this holiday (yes I am that girl who stocks up….. you know you aren’t judging).

I put out a Twitter poll to also gauge the people. Because although I consider myself to be kind of sort of the shit…I must also consider the public. Their verdict? Well..of the 65 people that voted a majority noted they think the holiday is overrated. Comments included that there shouldn't need to be one day to show someone you care, it's a Hallmark holiday... but those who liked Valentines Day brought some new perspective.

They said things like how people should take advantage of a day of love and outpour yourself while others love to celebrate the people in their life all the time but they think Valentines Day is a cute excuse to go above and beyond.

Whatever your feelings are, enjoy the day and eat some chocolate! Tell your significant other, friends and family you love them....just like you would do anyways.