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The Ultimate List of #SqualGoals Gifts

School is out and finals are over. Another semester (finally) completed! Time to kick back, relax, and binge on Netflix. In between all of that well-deserved relaxation, don’t forget to start buying gifts for your squad this holiday season. It’s been a tough fall semester, so make sure to brighten their winter break with these fabulous goodies!

Squad gift #1: Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold-Scented Flash Tattoos

Too nervous to get some permanent ink? No worries, Kors has your back with these gorgeous gold temporary tattoos! Not only are they shimmery (give us all the shimmery things!) but they also smell oh-so seductive as well: orange mandarin, a hint of woodiness, and a splash of floral. You’ll not only smell great this holiday season, but you’ll look damn good, too! Make sure to get them quick ‘cause they’re a limited edition! And don’t forget to #FlashYourGold on social media and make everyone jealous.

Squad gift #2: Vera Bradley Zip ID Cases

These adorable ID cases are the perfect accessory for any lover of Miss Vera Bradley. They’re small, cute, and have just enough space for all your needs! Seriously, every girl needs a little Vera Bradley in her life.

Squad gift #3: TRESèmme Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray

Who doesn’t love those natural-looking beach waves? Bring a little bit of summer into your holiday season with TRESèmme’s sea salt spray. It’s super lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying pounds of hairspray on your head. It’s the perfect hairstyle for that upcoming Christmas party. Wear the sexy, tousled waves down, or get creative and make a fun and playful ponytail! Either way, this sea salt spray will make your hair glamorous.

Squad gift #4: Chipotle BOGO Cards & Free Entrée Cards

Seriously, who doesn’t love some Chipotle?! Gift your awesome squad this holiday season with these and go out for dinner one night! And what’s even better: Chipotle uses classic cooking techniques that don’t use added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or flavors/colors. We all know we don’t need the extra holiday weight.

Have a happy holiday season, ladies!

What are some of your #squadgifts this year?

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