Uh-oh I'm Having Trouble Sleeping AGAIN


Sleep is a concept that baffles all college students. We love our sleep, but sometimes we have problems sleeping through the night or we’re just not tired yet.

The first question you need to ask yourself is WHY are you having trouble? Is it anxiety, stress, or you’re just a night owl? 

Here are some tips to conquer your sleeping habits:

1) This is going to sound strange but get underneath the covers. Some of us have a habit of being too lazy to get underneath the covers. This mental trick tells your mind it’s time for sleep.

2) Stay away from caffeine!

3) Set a timer to turn off your TV or laptop so you don’t binge-watch Netflix till 2 AM again. It’s so easy to set a timer to shut down your devices automatically. If your devices don’t have this feature, just set an alarm in general.

4) TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. Invest in an alarm clock or use your tablet as an alarm. I personally turn off my phone at night so when I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m not tempted to look at it.

5) Start writing a to-do list before going to bed. By doing this, you’re putting your anxious energy onto a piece of paper.

6) Meditation. One of favorite discoveries so far this year! I downloaded this app called Simple Habit and I’ve been using their mediation sessions to fall asleep. I do pay for a monthly membership, but you can listen to free sessions offered in the sleep section just to try it!

7) Could it be the people surrounding your circle? Focus on those friends and family members that make your heart and mind a lot happier. Stay away from those who keep you up at night from stress or worry.

8) If all else fails, consult with a doctor. Melatonin is only a temporary solution and it’s not designed to be used every night.