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On Trend: Septum Piercings

In the fashion world, we’re constantly looking to come up with the “newest” fashion forward trend. Do you remember the high platform shoes or baggy overalls being the hottest new thing in the magazine? Or even the era of the ‘hippie’? Fashionistas are often influenced and inspired by certain aspect of the world whether it is art, music or a culture’s customs and traditions. Septum piercings are no exception. Septum jewelry were extremely popular with South Indian dancers, certain Native American peoples, parts of Nepal, and Bangladesh. Bengali women call it the “Nathori” which is traditionally worn as a sign of being married. The septum piercing is very common in southern Nepal, especially in older women. Many women wear these septum rings to show social, tribal, and religious status.


Nose piercings has recently gained popularity in western fashion and you can see celebrities such as Rihanna, FKA Twigs, Candice Swanepoel, and Zoe Kravitz sporting the edgy look. If you take a look around, you can even see average everyday people walking down the street rocking a septum piercing too! I personally, love the look. It’s dainty, and subtle, but also unique- the perfect description for jewelry in my opinion. If you’re anything like me and you love this fashion statement but not ready to take the plunge, try a clip on septum ring. These can be found anywhere from UrbanOutfitters to Etsy. Septum rings pair well with a laid back, layered look and minimal makeup, or if you want to dress it up, try a tailored outfit and dark lip. 

From the Fashion World to the Streets of Cincinnati

From those who do have their septum pierced… 

Miranda Beitel, 20, 3rd Year, 1st Year Fashion Design Major

“I got my piercing at 15, but I had to get it out and got it again last year. I did it myself the second time. It hurt a lot, but the noise it made was the worst part.”


Amber Charisma England, 20, Psychology major/Fashion minor

“I got my piercing 6-7 months ago. The downsides are that it’s definitely a “new generation” piercing. My mom and anyone around her age hate it because it reminds them of an animal (bull ring). It is a little bit out there, and I have to tuck it up sometimes depending on the scene. As far as the upsides, it attracts people to me! People always notice it. I thought I would kind of blend in as just one of those girls with that piercing, but no it’s a little charmer. It accents my face and gives a little edge– I love it!”


From those who don’t have their septum pierced…

“I personally love septum piercings. I think if you have the style that matches with it then all the better. I don’t know why people are so against them, they aren’t for everyone but I think they are a very bold statement. Also, I love how they make the fake ones. They are probably the most reasonable facial piercing because if you take it out, no one would ever know it even existed.”

~Jayla Burton, 19, Health Science/Pre-Physical Therapy


“I think people look like a bull. It’s attractive and makes me want to pull the ring out.” ~Anonymous


“Since I believe in individuality and personal style, I think they’re awesome! As long as the person wearing it likes it, that’s all that should matter. I love the bohemian septum rings, I think they’re beautiful.” ~Elizabeth O’Hearn, 1st Year, Fashion Design


“I really appreciate the historical or cultural significance of piercings. So, when I first saw the wave of septum piercings, my initial thought was it was interesting and beautiful. Now, I feel like it’s being exploited and vainly understood. We have to be careful in the era of the hipster. It’s one thing to have the faux one and ride the trend, it’s another to have the piercing just for the sake of having a piece of metal in your face because it looks “cool.” Educated intention means a lot to me when it comes to deciding how I feel about the look.”

~Alexander Shelton, Senior, International Affairs, French, and Political Science


What are your thoughts on septum piercings? Do you like it or hate it?


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