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Top 5 Shoes You Can’t Run through Spring Semester Without!

Here we go again, you’re probably all thinking “Lilly back with the fashion advice, what now?”- there is one very important topic that needs to be covered style-wise as we enter into the changing season. Shoes. No matter the occasion, there are a few pairs of shoes that must be found in your closet very soon (if not already). As young adults, we lead very busy lives (or so we may think), and one thing is for certain- the thousands of people who see you daily are looking first at your smile, then at your shoes. That being said, lets get down to business. Here are my top picks for must-have shoes to get you through the semester.

#1 and #2 Converse or Vans (I vote both if given the option)

Two of the most timeless pairs of sneakers that have ever stepped on this earth- Chuck Taylors and Vans Off The Wall. Both of these are a win no matter the occasion. Converse can be paired with just about anything. No, seriously. Leggings, jeans, dresses- converse are perfect for any occasion. The same exact thing pertains to Vans. If you’re looking for a more street-style, or edgier look then Vans are the way to go. They are simple but also come in a plethora of prints and vibrant colors.

#3 Nike Roshe Run

Another pair of sneakers- shocking! Honestly, any pair of Nike shoes is a must have in your closet, but I chose the Roshe design because Nike does a perfect job of emulating the new “athleisure” trend with these shoes. Looking trendy and cute while still in comfortable athletic clothes, there’s nothing more perfect. In addition to that, Roshe’s are great to own if you’re looking to gear your wardrobe towards a more street-style look. One of the biggest up and coming trends is street style- mixing nudes with olives and blacks- and Nike delivers all of those in these chic sneakers.


#4 Gladiator sandal

Steve Madden makes one of my all time favorite gladiator sandals. They match with just about anything and can be taken from class to date- night in no time. Perfect for those hot days on campus when you don’t want to be cooped up in tight shoes. The leather is comfortable and a gold plated front adds a little flare to any outfit.

#5 Peep-Toe ankle booties

For the final look, taking us out of athleisure and into night on the town mode- ankle booties are the shoe to own. Coming in block heal to full on platform, the peep toe allows a little flare of summer to shine through in any outfit you wear with these shoes. Whether you’re dressing up to give a presentation or meeting the girls at Happy Hour I promise your go-to shoe from now on will be a peep-toe boot.

So I hope to see all of you sporting these amazing spring favs! You will be sure to turn heads and inspire others to walk through life in style from head to toe!



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