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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Riding Boots

You may have noticed riding boots are the go-to shoe for fall fashion. With endless ways to wear them they are perfect for every outfit or occasion while still being very stylish. After you;re finished reading, it will be safe to say you need to invest in a good pair (or two) of riding boots to keep your outfits looking trendy!


1.They look great with leggings. They are perfect to dress up the always acceptable leggings and flannel duo for the fall temperatures.

2.  Riding boots look great with skinny jeans. Dark wash, light wash, colored jeans, you name it! Riding boots are the perfect shoe to dress up or dress down an outfit.

3. Riding boots are great for dresses because they will keep your legs warm while being the perfect accessory for a cute fall dress.

4. Riding boots with leg warmers are the newest trend! What is better than pairing a cute pair of boots with cozy socks for the upcoming season.

5. Patterned or bold colored tights look perfect for boots because they even each other out! Its a great combo to look stylish while staying warm.

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