Top 5 Hilarious Christmas Stories

The holiday season is finally here! It’s a time full of sparkly, glittery lights and endless lists for Santa. It’s the one time a year when you can find me blaring Michael Bublé’s Christmas album every second of every day. One of the reasons why so many people adore this season is because they get to be surrounded by the ones they love the most. Some claim to have the “picture perfect” family, but we all know you cannot have a family without a little dysfunction, which can lead to some pretty funny memories.

I asked around and did some research to find my top 5 favorite funny Christmas stories. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more than a good laugh from a good story. So snuggle down, grab some apple cider and enjoy these hilarious holiday mishaps.

1. "My boyfriend came home with me for the holiday break last year and before meeting the family, I brought him upstairs to drop off his bag. Afterward, we headed downstairs to where everyone — including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins — were waiting in the entryway to greet us. Just as my boyfriend reached out to shake my grandmother's hand, I noticed something trickling down his face. I looked up and saw our dog perched at the top of the stairs, peeing through the bannister, directly on my boyfriend's head. As soon as it was obvious that the poor guy had been turned into a wee wee pad, everyone cracked up. Well, everyone but my boyfriend. It took him a few hours — and a shower — before he could laugh it off."

Jess, Cosmo

2. “My birthday is Christmas Day. One year, my grandma gave me a mug full of peppermints and gave my younger brother a car.”

Paul, Metro

3. “It was Christmas Day and I was watching the Rocky movies with my family and boyfriend. During the movie, my boyfriend kept pretending to be a boxer by air punching my face. I ended up turning around at the wrong second and he had accidentally punched me in the face. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched him have a massive, and I mean massive meltdown inside. My mom told him she thought it was best if he left. He walked out, but had stayed in my front yard screaming and crying for a solid hour. He found a couple of snow scrapers in the driveway that he kept throwing around too. My family and I continued to watch the movie, with the sound of my now ex-boyfriend screaming bloody murder in the background.”

Savannah, sophomore at UC

4. “One year, my sister asked for a Nintendo DS for Christmas. She was so excited and talked non-stop about how Santa was going to bring her this gaming device. Christmas morning came around and my sister started unwrapping a box. Once unwrapped, it was simply just a Nintendo DS case and not the actual device. My sister cried for the next 2 hours about this empty case and my mom kept claiming that she honestly didn’t know the difference. She filled the case with letters to Santa asking if he could his reindeers back to our house to drop off the actual Nintendo.”

Madi, freshman at UC

5. “When I was 9 years old, I ran into my mom and dad’s room to wake them up to open presents. I tripped over a rug while I was running and smashed my teeth against my parent's bedpost. Blood was everywhere. I lost a baby tooth and fractured my adult incisor. I had to wait 6 hours in the hospital for a specialist to arrive to fix me. I didn’t get to open any of my presents and drank my Christmas dinner through a straw. We still have the bedpost today, and it still has the 3 clear distinct teeth marks.”

Josh7534, Uproxx

Pretty entertaining, right? Cheers to your holiday season – may it be filled with love, joy and a noteworthy story you will be telling for years and years to come. Happy Holidays, Her Campus!