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Top 10 essentials to FALL in love with this season!

As an avid fall fashion lover, it’s most necessary for any girl to have the basics of a fall look ready the minute it hits 65 degrees… as we all know living in Ohio, the weather here is extremely unpredictable. After taking a survey of 60 girls, 85% of them said they wish this fall they could dress cute while still staying warm. I am going to unfold a style guide that will help you do just that: stay cozy and warm while also turning heads this season! Here’s my list for the fundamentals of a fall wardrobe that every girl needs to have the best on campus style this autumn (not in any specific order).

1. Olive green drawstring trench coat: One of the most basic fall essentials that every girl needs is a trench coat. This fab item is one that can be layered with leggings and a sweater or dressed up with jeans and a cute pair of booties. Whether you’re aiming for a cute or casual look, this versatile piece will be integral even on the most-chilly days of the season. We all know the hot/cold flashes that any college girl can experience when walking from class to class. The perfect thing about this is that it is flexible with the weather… better yet- get yourself one with a hood! You can’t go wrong with this staple item that can be worn daily to add a little flare to the typical North Face jacket.

2. Knit sweater leggings: now you may be thinking to yourself, “geez, I don’t need to add another pair of leggings to my wardrobe”, and if that’s the issue- hold on people let me plead my case! I’m not talking about any old pair of black leggings, sweater leggings are a must have. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of any college female when I say 3/5 (or 5/5 if you’re me) days of the school week you are wearing leggings to class… it’s the easiest and most versatile item of clothing. Now, picture yourself with a nice, thick pair of sweater leggings with a texturized look to add to your wardrobe. My favorite part of this look is that you can pair them with literally anything, and in any fall color! You name it- you can work it with anything. Olive, maroon, and black of course are my favorite colors to sport this fall.

3. Crew neck sweatshirt: OK people, now this is something that you’re probably like, “wtf is this girl talking about?’…. a sweatshirt is a fall essential?… I am here to tell you, Yes, YES IT IS! This is that one item you can never have too many of (besides leggings). On those days that you don’t feel like looking nice for class, throw your hair in a cute messy bun, put on a pair of tennis shoes and work your UC spirit! We all have those days… and its necessary to have that one go to sweatshirt, especially in the fall when the weather in Cincinnati is nuts- leave in the morning for your 8am in 50 degree weather and walk outside by noon to a nice blast of heat. We all know how that feels! Want to find some of the cutest UC spirit wear? Head over to the bookstore on campus! I’m sure you pass it on your way to class everyday anyway…

4. The perfect pair of little booties:  When I first started expanding my shoe wardrobe, each time I would buy a new pair I still felt like something was missing, and then one day my senior year of high school I figured it out… a cute pair of little beige booties! I never realized until I bought a pair of these little wonders how integral they are to any girl’s wardrobe! Not only do I wear mine to and from class in the fall, and out on a Friday night with the girls, but also in the summer time. They are so adaptable to any weather, and they add a little spice to your look! What I love about this item most is that they add a little height too (especially if you’re pushing five feet like me), and with that they are SO comfortable. You can find a pair of these amazing shoes right on campus at Altar’d State on Calhoun Street too! Now get your “little booties” there, ladies!


5. Infinity scarf: If you’ve lived in Ohio for this long and haven’t invested in an infinity scarf we have some major problems on our hands! Everyone needs a comfy accessory to throw on when the temperature drops to god-awful levels. An infinity is a must have, especially in a neutral color like black or shades of brown because you can mix and match it with so many different outfits! Throw it on with your trench coat and jeans or for a more casual look with leggings an a thermal- either way you cant live without one this fall season! If you wanted to add a little more flare to the scarf- get one with fringe. Nordstrom BP sells a super cute infinity with fringe that helps keep you warm while looking great!

6. Long sleeved t-shirt dress: We all know the infatuation with t-shirt dresses, especially how in they were this summer! But that doesn’t mean they cant be carried into the fall! Whether it’s a cool day and you need to pair them with a pair of tights or it’s a warm fall day, a long sleeved t-shirt dress is perfect to throw on when you’re on the go and late for class! Pair it with a cute pair of Converse or dress it up with your new little tan booties, either way you’ll be sad you don’t have a plethora of these in your closet this fall! One hack that I’ve also come to learn and love about this look- you can purchase an oversized men’s long sleeve shirt and wear it as your own! Sometimes the color schemes and designs are nicer so, hey why not!I found the biggest selection of t-shirt dresses at H&M (www.hm.com/us). They are affordable and have the best color set for this fall- dark green and oxblood are two must haves!

7. Oversized comfy sweater: you can never have too many of these, people! An oversized, knit sweater is one of those items that is timeless- they will never ever go out of style. Whether your preference is a basic knit texture or a crazy, fun pattern, a sweater paired with leggings and a pair of riding boots makes for the perfect lazy day outfit! This is a staple to have in your closet this fall.

8. Riding boots: another pair of shoes that is essential to have stashed in your closet this fall is the equestrian, or “riding boot”. Straying away from the cute little booties listed above, a wardrobe cannot be complete without these tall leather wonders. Black or brown you cant go wrong with this item! The fall is a time to layer and on those days where you don’t feel like wearing tennis shoes or a healed boot, riding boots are perfect with a pair of leggings and a flannel! There are so many different styles and colors you can choose from, too! So next time you’re online shopping during class, take a look at www.justfab.com and pick out your favorite pair!

9. Flannel: This is one item that we all know SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! When surveying a group of ladies asking their favorite fall must have, flannels won the prize! This is also another one of those items that you can buy in the men’s department of any store and wear oversized! I love wearing mine with a long sleeved thermal underneath, leggings and a scarf! The best part is when it gets a little too hot, go for an ever better look and tie it around your waist! Not only are flannels perfect for the fall but they are one of those items that can literally be worn all year around! If you don’t already have a selection of flannels in your closet, I suggest you get to the store ASAP before fall officially hits!


10. Naked Pallet: Amongst all the talk of fashion and stylish clothing, we cannot forget to accent your eyes with a nice pop of fall! The Naked Pallet by Urban Decay is a purchase that you will not regret EVER. Whether you want to use the simple side of the Pallet for a neutral look, or go all out with a smoky eye when you have on your t-shirt dress and booties for a night out, it is perfect to accentuate any eye color. Urban Decay now has three different Naked Pallets, just due to mere popularity! When asked if I have a preference between the three, the honest answer is no. Each of them have the same color set but in different tones and sheers! Its an investment worth the money to ensure you’re looking your best this season!

And there it is, ladies! The rundown on the latest fall fashions and why they are must- haves this season! The best part about each of these items is that you can pick the price you want to spend and you’ll be able to find it within your budget. If you want to be turning heads this season, look no further than the style guide listed above- I promise you will not be disappointed.


-Lilly Madias 


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