Think Happy, Be Happy, Write Happy


Journal writing is a beautiful way of recording personal insights, reflections and personal topics. It lets me list my daily experiences and reflect on them. Writing in a journal is like having my very own personal therapist. I can write about what makes me angry or sad or jealous. Plus, it’s free! It really helps thinking things through without making rash decisions and then later regretting them. 

And trust me, I have a lot of those.

I was told in the past by my therapist to start a journal, but I thought it was childish and stupid, so I never did, until now. Looking on amazon, and the actual stores I tried to find a good journal. I didn’t realize the best one was in my house. A red and pink flowered notebook. It was simple but perfect.

My first journal entries were letters to people from my past. I had to start somewhere and as much as the people in my past were just that, I had a lot to say to them. Things I needed to get off my chest to them. Then everyday whenever a thought or feeling came into my head, I wrote it down. Good and bad. It was the best thing I did because every time I wrote, I felt better. Mentally and physically. I never thought I could but thanks to a little writing in a notebook, I’m one step to feeling so much better.

I was never one for speaking about how I feel but I could always write it down so being able to write it in a journal only for me to see unless I share it with someone, clears my mind and keeps me on track. I never thought I would enjoy it but at this point, seeing how much I write in it, I might need a second notebook.

Writing in my journal allows me to relieve my stress and anxiety. It allows me to self-reflect because life moves fast, things change and journaling helps me stop and think about the day, time, week, or month. The best thing for me is to feel better, and not fall down a rabbit hole and journaling helps me achieve that.