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College can be a very stressful time in one’s life. Learning how to balance classes, study, extra-curricular activities, work, friends, family, sleep and anything else on your to-do list is no easy task. I got stressed just listing it all out. ‘Adulting’ is hard work! However, it is very important for every collegiate to manage stress. In my search to find fun, new ways to stay healthy I came across Walk-it Wednesdays offered by the UC Rec Center.

Walk-it Wednesdays happen every Wednesday at noon; you meet in the Rec Center Lobby. This program will continue until November 18. It’s a 45 minute walk around the area and it is so beautiful.

The walk allows you to enjoy nature and clear your head. The area was breathtaking and I was able to capture some of the beautiful sights. If you are like me, you do not see much of nature during the week. These 45 minutes allow you a chance to get some fresh air, stretch your legs and talk with friends. According to a Huffington Post Article, “taking a walk outside can improve memory and attention span by up to 20 percent”. A walk sounds like the perfect way to begin an afternoon of studying. Plus, walking increases endorphins which help reduce stress. I would definitely recommend going especially if you bring a group of friends. the Huffington article also states, “Social support from friends, family and community members has been shown to improve stress resilience and lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol”. So get a group of some of your favorite people, put on your walking shoes and walk your stress right off! 

For even more information, go to https://www.uc.edu/campusrec/programs/WalkItWednesday.html.

Resource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/03/national-walking-day-stress-relief-tips_n_2992972.html

Erika is a second year marketing student at the University of Cincinnati. Specializes in creativity and smiling! Her favorite class in high school was Digital Media Arts where she was able to combine her passions of art and technology. Erika is very excited to be on the Photography Team for Her Campus and can not wait to start sharing UC life from her lense.
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