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The Stages of Halloween as Told by “Friends”

It’s almost the ~spookiest~ time of year again! Halloween as a kid seemed so effortless and fun: getting your costume ready, trick or treating around the neighborhood with your best friends, and swooning over your candy collection at the end of the night. At college, Halloween seems more like a job sometimes than an effortless night. So here is the struggle of Halloween as a college student as told by Friends.

1. Realizing Halloween is a week away and you don’t have the slightest idea of what your costume is going to be.

2. Searching through Pinterest & staring at your computer for hours to find costume inspo.

3. Making the last minute run to thrift and craft stores to put together your costume.

4. Trying to decide with all your friends on what the party route is for the night.

5. Having to explain your costume to every person you meet that night.

6. Waking up in the morning realizing you don’t have any candy, just a hangover and your 12 hours old Halloween makeup.

So as Chandler would say, could Halloween *be* any more of a sh*t show in college? But in all seriousness, Halloween is such a fun time on campus but remember to have fun and be SAFE!







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