Six Things To Do This Winter Break


  1. Sleep! Now is the time to catch up AND get ahead on sleep before the spring semester.
  1. Eat REAL food! I am so excited to go home and eat my mom’s homemade cooking instead of living off of granola bars and ramen.
  1. See friends from back home. I am so excited to see my longtime best friends and catch up! I also look forward to the relaxing with ice cream and Netflix.
  1. Play in the snow (if applicable). Since I am from a place with cold weather and snow, I am so exciting to go out in the snow. I love to go skiing and ice skating over the holidays, and I plan to this winter break.
  1. Bake! I always make cookies and bake pies around the holidays to share with my family.

         6. Hang out with grandparents and extended family. My grandma always gives me appliances and random gifts that I always end up using here at the University of Cincinnati.