Six Things to do When Your Family Talks Politics at Thanksgiving

We’ve all been there, Thanksgiving supper has just started, you all are gathered round the table munching on turkey and sharing embarrassing family stories, when suddenly IT happens. Aunt Tilda or Uncle Henry says the dreaded phase “So what do you think of (insert controversial political opinion here)?”

The table goes silent, old western dueling music starts playing in the background. You have about five seconds before all out war starts. Here are some things you can do when your Thanksgiving starts to enter some bumpy territory.

1. Exit the situation

Excuse yourself to the bathroom, offer to go get the next dish, loudly exclaim you need a refill! Anything you deem okay to get you out of there. Exiting the situation is the easiest way to avoid it and don’t be afraid to use it!

2. Offer whoever is starting the conversation more food

Food is everywhere at Thanksgiving dinner, use it to your advantage. Quickly distract whichever relative is about to start going off with another heaping serving of mashed potatoes and bam! Problem instantly solved.

3. Comment on how nice the food looks

Most likely your relatives and you have just spent the past several hours working hard to create your beautiful meal, have everyone take a step back and appreciate what’s in front of them.

4. Bring up sports!

Who doesn’t love a riveting discussion on football? If your family is big into sports this is the easiest way to divert conversation from politics back to something you all can enjoy.

5. Crack a joke

The worse the joke is the better it will be as a distraction. Bonus points if it’s a bad Thanksgiving joke! Here is my personal favorite: Why did they let the turkey join the school marching band? Because he had drumsticks! *ba-dum tsss*

6. Dessert Time

If the dreaded politics discussion comes right around the end of your meal then use the opportunity to segue into desserts. It’s a win-win situation! You get to avoid family drama and you get to chow down on some pumpkin pie!

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving should be about what we appreciate in our lives. Good times, good people, and good food! Good luck at your own Thanksgivings this November, and if things do take a turn for the political, well, at least now you have this guide!